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For in-depth coverage, CNN provides special reports, video, audio, photo galleries, and interactive guides. You can also upload and share your favorite illuminati symbol wallpapers. Gender symbols are graphic designs that represent a gender, such as the Venus symbol for female, and Mars symbol for male. Our ancestors believed every person had his or her own star and they both had the same day of birth and the same. In its early days, the group was just a handful of people.

Codex Magica

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Codex Magica. Abraham Zepeda. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding.

They were wrong. Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their innermost secrets. You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate.

You can crack the Illuminati code. It contains over 1, actual photographs and illustrations. You'll see with your own eyes the world's leading politicians and celebrities —including America's richest and most powerful —caught in the act as they perform occult magic. Once you u n d e r s t a n d their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same. Destiny will be made manifest.

You will know the truth and everything will become clear. A retired career U. L a s t night I saw upon the stair a little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Oh gee, I wish he'd go away! Then absolutely mine, I'll have and bind you. Cleverly disguised.

On TV, imbedded in magazines, and lurking in powerful advertising. Sometimes they're subtle or subliminal, other times direct, provocative, and mind-bending in effect. Strange symbols, signs, charms, talismans, and handshakes that program and control our minds. Henry Makow, astute inventor and essayist, says that they are key components of the satanic conspiracy that now confronts us with maximum force and evil.

The people who are pushing products, violence, and sex are not operating on a random, 'whatever sells' basis. They have Masonic symbols in their logos. The top players are following an occult script designed to enslave us body and soul.

They are building a gigantic prison based on their own mental hell. This is the New World Order; we are the inmates. Makow and just a few others. Most people, of course, are so far gone, their minds so awash with occultism acquired from decades of propaganda encountered on every side, they cannot any longer decipher reality.

The majority are caught in some form of Psychological Matrix. Tragically, hundreds of millions of people have, in a manner of speaking, become "Manchurian Candidates.

Immobile, unable to react, afflicted with amnesia, they are like Pontius Pilate who, when confronted with Jesus Christ standing right in front of him, the very essence of unmovable Truth, asked Christ the question. Here you will see pictures of many of the foremost movers and shakers of human history, ancient and modern, as they secretly communicate through sign and symbol.

Naturally, the elite do not relish being exposed in their dirty works and evil doing. They and their dumbed-down minions —I am referring to the overwhelming "see no evil, hear no evil" masses of people in society—can be expected to quickly jump to the attack and attempt to deny it all. Through sleight-of-hand, they will do their utmost to divert your attention. Let us explain it all to you. Everything is okay, nothing is amiss. It is all just an accident, nothing to fret about.

Groucho enjoyed retelling the story of the time a startled wife came home to find her adulterous husband in bed with another woman. We can lay their propaganda aside and view the actual evidence through the prism of truth with our own eyes.

This book is the result of over two decades of research. I believe it speaks for itself. The pictures, illustrations, and proofs contained in these pages do, in my opinion, document a monstrous conspiracy that surrounds and envelops us.

It may well be that some, a few, of the photographs, are not what they appear to be. We all know that it is possible, for example, that photographers took shots of certain people as their hands, fingers, arms, and bodies were inadvertently in odd positions. A picture may be worth a thousand words, as the old Chinese proverb says, but even pictures can be deceiving. And so, I leave it all up to you to decide, dear reader. You be the judge. To help you make a decision, often included in the captions that accompany the photos and illustrations is commentary that helps one to better analyze the situation or scene that is pictured.

When possible, I present evidence and information outlining the individual's membership in the Masonic Lodge, the Rosicrucian Order, or other globalist or occultic groups, secret societies, and organizations. This is done as an aid to your independent decision-making.

Sometimes, I admit, it is difficult from the picture alone to ascertain whether a person, or persons, are displaying a Masonic or other sign, or to tell for sure that an occultic pose or scene is being portrayed. Again, the author does his best to offer up evidence, such as pages, excerpts, and descriptions of such signs and poses from official textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias of the Masonic Order or illustrations and examples by experts and authorities. In some instances, it is unclear what exactly is transpiring in a photo because the intent, or motive, of the individual subject cannot be discerned.

We cannot read peoples' minds, and so we must judge based on the photographic evidence. For example, there is much confusion today over the hand sign of the devil called "El Diablo" or "Il Carnuto. In the section of Codex Magica that pictures a number of people giving this problematic sign, I therefore explain the difference in types of hand signs and discuss the ongoing controversy in an attempt to clear up some of the confusion.

Readers may just find the clarifying information presented here revealing, to say the least. All in all you will view in Codex Magica over 1, photos and illustrations documenting Illuminists, Satanists, and other elitists practicing magic.

Even if the skeptics and naysayers were able to explain away a few of these proofs, the remainder would be sufficient aplenty to prove the thesis of this book. That, indeed, a massive conspiratorial network of occult magicians exists today and has existed throughout human history. From the perspective of the occult researcher and investigator, the key to understanding the precarious world we live in is the recognition that a consistent pattern exists.

A criminal is often convicted by an overwhelming preponderance of circumstantial evidence, even when no direct evidence — like a smoking gun—is produced. But in our case, in Codex Magica, we do produce a convincing array of direct evidence, along with many facts that connect the dots, to conclusively prove the continuing existence of an occult conspiracy.

Over pages of photographic evidence and materials cannot all be wrong. Exercising Fairness and Good Judgment I wish to emphasize that I accuse no one pictured herein of being a Satanist or occultist. Their being pictured here does not mean that individuals are necessarily members of the Order of the Illuminati or prove anything whatsoever about their social, political, religious ideology or other beliefs.

My friends are fully aware that over the years, I have authored and produced numerous books, audiotapes, and videos on the subject of mysterious marks, symbols, signs, and logos, including such bestseller classics as Dark Secrets of the New Age, Mystery Mark of the New Age, and Circle of Intrigue. As such, the reader should realize that the information in my books and other works is based solely on my own opinion.

True, I do my level best to judge things accurately and to marshall relevant facts and data that might bear; but ultimately, the reader or viewer must decide if he or she concurs with the author's judgements and opinions.

As the cliche of a well- known TV news network so often echoes, "We report, you decide. I invite anyone who believes the facts and analysis, or even the opinions expressed herein are incorrect or incomplete to promptly inform me of such.

I am more than willing to make corrections or retractions based on the best evidence. Deciphering A Mountain of Data One of the problems inherent in an undertaking so vast as this book is that the subject matter is so broad and complex. There are literally thousands of secret signs, grips, and symbols to consider in evaluating photographic evidence.

My opponents—the men of the secret societies and the Illuminists—would agree that this is the case. William L. Cummings commented on how many hundreds of rites, rituals, and degrees existed.

Thus, Cummings remarks, Masons themselves are in a state of confusion: It generally comes as a surprise and sometimes as a shock when the Mason who has never given any attention to the subject learns at least a hundred Masonic and quasi-Masonic rites and systems have existed and no less than eight hundred so- called Masonic degrees have been revised.

Denshaw wryly comments that a long-time Mason of reputation may be asked, "How many of the hundreds of degrees have you received? Have you received the Rite of Memphis of 90 degrees? Or the Rectified Rite? Or the Swedenborgian Rite? He once ruefully and knowingly intimated that after he had independently learned and practiced how to do the secret handshakes of a number of other secret societies and orders throughout Europe, he traveled around from city to city and discovered that by knowing how to convey the appropriate handshake, he was invited into what is normally the guarded inner sanctum of almost all the groups.

They were persuaded simply by his handshake that Crowley was eligible to attend their conclaves and be made privy to their most closely guarded secrets. The average Mason or member of other secret orders knows little of the signs and symbols of his own order, let alone that of others.

In my work for this book, I have communicated with a number of ex-Masons, but few were able to identify any but the most rudimentary of signs and symbols. I did far better with Masonic encyclopedias and with modern and ancient magical texts and guides. I Give Credit to In addition to the individuals listed in the acknowledgements of the title page, I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of a few very special friends was invaluable to me in preparing this book.

Satan sign fingers

Horned Hand — The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. Don't mix this up with the unintentional gesture that someone brings their finger or fingers over the mouth while speaking that is a tell-tale sign that someone is lying. Zombie hand Horns, satan sign finger up gesture halloween vector. Every sign that rounds the Satan has a special symbolic meaning. Shout at the Devil went gold in January and was platinum less than a month later. I Love you Devil? Folding your three middle fingers down while holding out your thumb and pinky, then twisting your hand around, is a strange gesture to say the least.

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Feb 13, - By request, here is a pack of Satanism symbol clip art. Including: Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Pentacle - Inverted Crucifix - Sigil of Lucifer.

List of occult symbols

Bush holding the eternal flame at. Justin Deschamps Illuminati symbolism is something even the uninformed masses are somewhat aware of. Sangu Chakkaram Full Tamil Movie. For a government organization as important as the United States Cyber Command, having a deeply hidden meaning in its logo is almost expected. Broken into two words -day's eye -it's easy to see how this Flower Spirit got its name.

Occultisme/Satanism and the christian faith

Le Défi magique, volume 2

The number 5 relates to the Throat 5th Chakra, or neck, which is about seeing things from both sides and being flexible with our opinions. Dead cockroach. Meaning that glue, paper, animal waste and dead insects are on the menu along with every single food you eat — or the food you feed your pets. A relational database for next generation, cloud-native applications. Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine," Alvard wrote. The fact that your relative is dead in the dream most likely doesn't have as much meaning as do your most honest feelings about them when they were alive. Copy and paste this emoji: Copy Dead Roach Carcasses.

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