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Voice Transmitter And Receiver Based On Laser Torch Pdf

voice transmitter and receiver based on laser torch pdf

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Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Embed Size px x x x x E Kadammanitta, Pathanamthitta Kerala We express our wholehearted thanks to the Management of the college, Mr. Abraham Kalammannil, Chairman, for providing us an opportunity to do our studies in this esteemed institution. We thank our Principal, Prof. Mohandas for providing the facilities for our studies and constant encouragement in all achievements. At the outset we wish to place on record our sincere thanks to quite a few people without whose help, this venture would not have been a success.

We would like to express profound gratitude to our Head of the department, Mr. Rangit Varghese, for his encouragement and for providing all facilities for carrying out this project. We express our highest regard and sincere thanks to our project Co-ordinators, Mr. Sreeji Krishnan, who provided the necessary guidance and serious advice to carry out this project.

We also express my gratitude to our Project Guide, Mr. Sudheesh S. R, for her apt suggestions and support. Our sincere thanks to all the staff members of the department of Electronics and Communication who guided as throughout the entire course.

PREFACEBecause of the differences in our college level studies and industry level requirements, we are allotted a project to get knowledge about the on goings at industries. I did the mini project that covered up a practical knowledge of what I have studied so far in books. I did experienced an exposure to various electronics devices and equipments which I would not have able to get easily anywhere else.

I learnt a lot about processes of communication like sampling, quantization, detection, error correction, broadcasting and reception of signals. All the topics which were dealt with in the project duration are mentioned in an easy manner here in the report which I am submitting to our college for reference purpose I am highly thankful to the college faculty and the management for the insertion of such a training period in our curriculum.

IC 5. Laser communications offers a viable alternative to RF communications for inter satellite links and other applications where highperformance links are a necessity. High data rate, small antenna size, narrow beam divergence, and a narrow field of view are characteristics of laser communications that offer a number of potential advantages for system design.

The present paper involves the study of wireless, open channel communication system using laser a carrier for voice signals. Using this circuit we can communicate with your own neighbours wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in the circuit. The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about meters. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards the laser beam from the torch. If there is any obstruction in the path of laser beam, no sounds will be heard from the receiver.

Condenser means capacitor, which stores energy in the form of an electric field. Condenser microphones require power from a battery or external source. Condenser also tends to be more sensitive and responsive than dynamic, making them well suited to capturing subtle nuances in a sound. The diaphragm vibrates when struck by sound waves, changing the distance between the two plates and therefore changing the capacitance.

Specifically when the plates are closer together capacitance increases and a charge current occurs and this current will be used to trigger the transmitting section. The gain of the op-amp can be controlled with the help of 1-mega ohm pot meter VR1.

The AF output from IC1 is coupled to the base of transistor Bd, which in turn, modulates the laser beam. The transmitter uses 9V power supply. Laser had potential for the transfer of data at extremely high rates, specific advancements were needed in component performance and systems engineering, particularly for space-qualified hardware.

Free space laser communications systems are wireless connections through the atmosphere. They work similar to fibre optic cable systems except the beam is transmitted through open space. The laser systems operate in the near infrared region of the spectrum. The laser light across the link is at a wavelength of between - nm. Two parallel beams are used, one for transmission and one for reception. See Full Reader. Post on Apr views. Category: Documents 1 download.

Our sincere thanks to all the staff members of the department of Electronics and Communication who guided as throughout the entire course DEPT. Transmitter and Receiver Architecture Without Self Transmitter and Receiver. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter. Transmitter and Receiver Techniques. Figure Interrupt Identification Register Shift Register Receiver.

laser torch based voice transmitter amp receiver

Right from the origin communication system had undergone several changes in terms of its advancement, continuous modernization taking place in every aspect of global communication. This electronic media starting from satellite communications had invented new dimensions in the field of wireless communication, research in these areas created a new concept of communication by means of lasers, no one ever expected this kind of development in communication strategies and its always a raising question that how we communicate by implementing lasers, in our project we give a detailed answer about how we communicate with others by using laser technology. The main operation of our project is based on the two sections one is laser transmitter section and the other laser receiver section the combination of these two sections constitutes the entire circuit block. The proposed circuit basically had the transmitter circuit and this block consists of transistor amplifier BC coupled with condenser microphone, and an audio modulator BD And the total components with their specifications are elaborately explained in this paper. The overall advantages of our laser based voice transmitter and receiver is to provide speed and accuracy with high data rates, minimal interruptions and highly flexible. The performance characteristics and the practical results verified with real time applications.

voice transmitter and receiver based on laser torch pdf

Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver


Embed Size px x x x x E Kadammanitta, Pathanamthitta Kerala

Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver (Repaired)

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Govinda and Waseem Arshad and S. Ram and S. Agrawal Published The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about meters.

Explore rtos projects embedded system, embedded systems project topics or ideas , robotics application ieee project topics or ideas, latest humanoid ieee synopsis, abstract, base papers, source code, thesis ideas, phd dissertation for ece students reports in pdf, doc and ppt for final year electronics engineering, diploma, bsc, msc, btech and mtech students for the year , Receiver circuit of laser voice transmitter circuit. The hl is an easytouse tool that accurately measures elevations across the site, and is ideal for use with any rotating transmitter. Were trying to show wireless communication using an optical medium, which is why we wanted to use a laser transmitter and receiver.

Search this site. Paper Presentation. PPT Presentations. Data Security In Wireless Networks x. Distributed Computing PPT. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc ppt.

Embed Size px x x x x Using this circuit you can communicate with your neighbours wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in the circuit.

Nlaser torch based voice transmitter and receiver pdf merger

Laser Audio Transmitter. This project is a proof-of-concept device that transmits an audio signal using a laser beam, while removing the need for the user to align the beam themselves. The receiver can be rotated within its horizontal plane, and uses a servo motor controlled by a microcontroller to automatically align it with the receiver.

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Laser Torch based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

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