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Lipid Bilayer And Membrane Protein Diffusion Pdf

lipid bilayer and membrane protein diffusion pdf

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Barriers to the free diffusion of proteins and lipids in the plasma membrane

Metrics details. Proteins within the cytoplasmic membrane display distinct localization patterns and arrangements. While multiple models exist describing the dynamics of membrane proteins, to date, there have been few systematic studies, particularly in bacteria, to evaluate how protein size, number of transmembrane domains, and temperature affect their diffusion, and if conserved localization patterns exist. We have used fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule tracking SMT , and computer-aided visualization methods to obtain a better understanding of the three-dimensional organization of bacterial membrane proteins, using the model bacterium Bacillus subtilis. First, we carried out a systematic study of the localization of over B. Their subcellular localization could be discriminated in polar, septal, patchy, and punctate patterns.

3.1: Basic Concepts in Membranes

The lipid bilayer or phospholipid bilayer is a thin polar membrane made of two layers of lipid molecules. These membranes are flat sheets that form a continuous barrier around all cells. The cell membranes of almost all organisms and many viruses are made of a lipid bilayer, as are the nuclear membrane surrounding the cell nucleus , and membranes of the membrane-bound organelles in the cell. The lipid bilayer is the barrier that keeps ions , proteins and other molecules where they are needed and prevents them from diffusing into areas where they should not be. Lipid bilayers are ideally suited to this role, even though they are only a few nanometers in width, [1] because they are impermeable to most water-soluble hydrophilic molecules.

The protective membrane around cells contains many components, including cholesterol, proteins, glycolipids, glycerophospholipids, and sphingolipids. The last two of these will, when mixed vigorously with water, spontaneously form what is called a lipid bilayer Figure 3. The orderly movement of these compounds is critical for the cell to be able to 1 get food for energy; 2 export materials; 3 maintain osmotic balance; 4 create gradients for secondary transport; 5 provide electromotive force for nerve signaling; and 6 store energy in electrochemical gradients for ATP production oxidative phosphorylation or photosynthesis. In some cases, energy is required to move the substances active transport. In other cases, no external energy is required and they move by diffusion through specific cellular channels.

Protein crowding has a decisive role in lateral membrane dynamics as shown by recent experimental and computational studies that have reported anomalous lateral diffusion of phospholipids and membrane proteins in crowded lipid membranes. Based on extensive simulations and stochastic modeling of the simulated trajectories, we here investigate in detail how increasing crowding by membrane proteins reshapes the stochastic characteristics of the anomalous lateral diffusion in lipid membranes. We observe that correlated Gaussian processes of the fractional Langevin equation type, identified as the stochastic mechanism behind lipid motion in noncrowded bilayer, no longer adequately describe the lipid and protein motion in crowded but otherwise identical membranes. It turns out that protein crowding gives rise to a multifractal, non-Gaussian, and spatiotemporally heterogeneous anomalous lateral diffusion on time scales from nanoseconds to, at least, tens of microseconds. Our investigation strongly suggests that the macromolecular complexity and spatiotemporal membrane heterogeneity in cellular membranes play critical roles in determining the stochastic nature of the lateral diffusion and, consequently, the associated dynamic phenomena within membranes. Clarifying the exact stochastic mechanism for various kinds of biological membranes is an important step towards a quantitative understanding of numerous intramembrane dynamic phenomena.

Lipid bilayers. Lateral diffusion. Membrane proteins. Fluorescent probes. Photobleaching. 1. INTRODUCTION. Recent detailed experiments and theoretical work.

Lipid bilayer

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Lipid bilayer

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Barriers to the free diffusion of proteins and lipids in the plasma membrane


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