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Media convergence , phenomenon involving the interconnection of information and communications technologies, computer networks , and media content. Media convergence transforms established industries, services, and work practices and enables entirely new forms of content to emerge. The five major elements of media convergence—the technological, the industrial, the social, the textual, and the political—are discussed below. The technological dimension of convergence is the most readily understood. With the World Wide Web , smartphones , tablet computers , smart televisions , and other digital devices, billions of people are now able to access media content that was once tied to specific communications media print and broadcast or platforms newspapers , magazines , radio , television, and cinema.

Top 10 Flipbook Software Programs for Creating Interactive Books

When you look at who is — and more importantly, who is not — driving the growth and popularity of social platforms, a key demographic appears to be somewhat in retreat: young people. Social platforms are still reporting robust growth — yes, even Facebook — despite a growing chorus of opposition. Social conversation continues to shape everything from culture to the media cycle to our most intimate relationships. And we now spend more time than ever on our phones , with endless scrolling through our social feeds being a chief reason why. But dig a little deeper, and a more nuanced picture emerges about social media users today that has important implications for the ways in which brands reach customers.

Earned, Owned, or Paid , each one of them represents different brand popularization, advertising, and opportunities to interact with the target audience. To achieve all of this, you need to make your brand be everywhere. In this process, knowing the types of Digital Media is crucial. When having this knowledge, brands are much more likely to communicate better with their audience. More than that, those companies expand their operations, reaching more people through different channels.

Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media: the 3 types of Digital Media and how to use them

PDFs have been with us for a long time. They're perfect for saving a digital receipt when you buy a something online or for creating a document to send to your printer. But for digital business content that you plan to use for your prospects and customers — like brochures, proposals, white papers, ABM assets, etc. According to SalesForce, 84 percent of buyers believe the experience a company provides is just as important as its products and services. And there's no arguing with the fact that the content you produce is a major part of how any customer experiences your brand. Granted, adopting new technology can be daunting. But this post will provide a clear and compelling argument for why the world must move past PDFs, once and for all.

We have written previously about the power of the MeToo movement —the social media phenomenon that shed light on sexism across industries, including the humanitarian aid sector , and gave women a platform to speak out about sexual abuse. While women are still underrepresented in media generally, social media encourages a more level playing field, allowing for the voices of women from a wider array of backgrounds and countries, with or without traditional power, to be heard. Women and Women's Rights. Technology and Innovation. For one, it encourages solidarity and emphasizes shared experiences. Donegan argues that the MeToo movement brings to light a strain of feminism focused on community and solidarity, which reshapes the feminist project. The movement is premised on the idea that we all share responsibility for eliminating sexism, striving for a world in which no woman has to claim MeToo.

Digital media means any media that are encoded in machine-readable formats. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, and preserved on digital electronics devices. Digital can be defined as any data represented with a series of digits, and Media refers to a method of broadcasting or communicating information. Together, digital media refers to any information that is broadcast to us through a screen. Examples of digital media include software , digital images , digital video , video games , web pages and websites , social media , digital data and databases , digital audio such as MP3 , electronic documents and electronic books. Digital media often contrasts with print media , such as printed books, newspapers and magazines, and other traditional or analog media, such as photographic film , audio tapes or video tapes.

New media are forms of media that are computational and rely on computers for redistribution. New media are often contrasted to "old media", such as television, radio, and print January ,​pdf.

Media convergence

New media are forms of media that are computational and rely on computers for redistribution. Some examples of new media are computer animations , computer games , human-computer interfaces , interactive computer installations , websites , and virtual worlds. New media are often contrasted to " old media ", such as television, radio, and print media, although scholars in communication and media studies have criticized inflexible distinctions based on oldness and novelty. Wikipedia , an online encyclopedia , is an example of new media, combining Internet accessible digital text, images and video with web-links, creative participation of contributors, interactive feedback of users and formation of a participant community of editors and donors for the benefit of non-community readers. Social media or social networking services , such as Facebook and Twitter , are additional examples of new media in which most users are also participants.

An online flipbook is a digital representation of a book that turns pages realistically as the user interacts with it. This article compares 10 top solutions to get you started. But in the digital age, the term takes on a new meaning. A flipbook is a professional, glossy presentation of a PDF file in magazine or catalogue format.

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How Social Media Has Reshaped Feminism

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