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Governor General And Viceroy Of India Upsc Pdf

governor general and viceroy of india upsc pdf

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Governor-General and Viceroy of India

Daily Practice Quizzes, Attempt Here. Vikash Mishra Mar 14, Saurabh Kr Sanjay Apr 13, RajiV Kumar Apr 21, Surinder Sandhu Kadiana Apr 23, Vandana Bhalavi May 25, Randhir Kumar Jun 26, Durga Choudhary Nov 14, Manisha Natkar Jan 19, Farooq Ahmed Feb 18, Governor-General and Viceroy of India. Arpit Kumar Jain Read in Hindi. Share via. He was called back to India in to ensure British supremacy in the subcontinent against the French.

In the Battle of Plassey, the Nawab was defeated by the British despite having a larger force. Clive was also able to capture some French forts in Bengal. As a result of this battle, the British became the paramount power in the Indian subcontinent. Bengal was richer than Britain at that time. This also opened up other parts of India to the British and finally led to the rise of the British Raj in India.

Vansittart —65 : The Battle of Buxar Cartier —72 : Bengal Famine Auctioned the right to collect land revenue to the highest bidder; Divided Bengal into districts and appointed collectors and other revenue officials. Lord Wellesley — He adopted the policy of Subsidiary Alliance- a system to keep the Indian rulers under control and to make British the supreme power. Fort William College at Calcutta. Formation of Madras Presidency in There were four stages in it:- In the first stage, the Company undertook to lend its troops to the friendly Indian prince to assist him in his wars.

The next stage was reached when the Indian ally was not to supply men but money. The company undertook to raise, train and equip an army under English officers and render to the ally a fixed number of troops on receiving a sum of money towards the cost of these troops.

The final stage was the next logical step. The Company undertook to defend the territories of an Indian ally and for that purpose stationed a subsidiary force in the territory of the state. The Indian ally was asked not to pay money but surrender territory from the revenue of which the expenses of the subsidiary force were to be met.

The Indian states were to conduct negotiations with other states through the Company. The state had to accept a British Resident at its headquarters. The Alliance enabled the Company to maintain a large standing army at the expense of Indian princes. It disarmed the Indian states and threw British protectorate over them. Charter Act of was passed. Lord Hastings — Ended the policy of Non-intervention and adopted the policy of intervention and war.

Creation of Bombay Presidency in Establishment of Ryotwari System in Madras. Annexation of Mysore Passed the Charter Act of , which provided that no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his religion, place of birth, descent and colour. On the recommendation of Macaulay Committee made English the medium of higher education in India. Established first Medical College in Calcutta.

Governors-General of India —58 Lord William Bentick —35 First Governor-General of India Abolished provincial courts of appeal and circuit set up by Cornwallis, the appointment of Commissioners of revenue and circuit. Annexed Coorg , Central Cachar on the plea of misgovernment.

Lord Ellenborough —44 Brought an end to the Afghan War. Annexation of Sindh War with Gwalior Gave preference to English education in employment. Formation of Gurkha regiments took place in his reign. Started the first railway line in connecting Bombay with Thana Started an electric telegraph service. Laid the basis of the modern postal system A separate public works department was set up for the first time. Withdrew Doctrine of Lapse.

He introduced various reforms and became the member of Punjab Board of Administration after the second Sikh war. He was known as the Saviour of Punjab. He was the only Viceroy to be murdered in office by a Pathan convict in Andamans in For the first time in Indian history, a census was held in Lord Northbrook —76 Kuka Movement of Punjab took a rebellious turn during his period. Lord Lytton —80 Most infamous Governor-General pursued free trade and abolished duties on 29 British manufactured goods which accelerated drain of the wealth of India Arranged the Grand Darbar in Delhi in when the country was suffering from a severe famine Passed the Royal Title Act and Queen Victoria was declared as the Kaiser-i-Hind Arms Act made mandatory for Indians to acquire a license for arms Passed the infamous Vernacular Press Act Proposed the plan of Statutory Civil Service in and lowered the maximum age limit from 21 to 19 years Lord Ripon —84 Repeal of the Vernacular Press Act, The First Factory Act, to improve labour condition Resolution of Local Self Government in Resolution on Land Revenue Policy Appointed Hunter Commission for education reforms in The Ilbert Bill controversy erupted during his time which enabled Indian district magistrates to try European criminals.

But this was withdrawn later. Establishment of Indian National Congress in Indian Council Act of introduced elections which were indirect. Convention delimiting the frontier between China and India was ratified. The great famine of — Lyall Commission appointed after famine Set up the Department of Commerce and Industry.

Calcutta Corporation Act Partition of Bengal took place in Foundation of the Muslim League, Surat session and split in the Congress Newspapers Act, Morley-Minto Reforms, Transfer of Capital from Calcutta to Delhi Lucknow Pact between Congress and Muslim League The arrival of Gandhi in India Champaran Satyagraha Kheda Satyagraha and Satyagraha at Ahmedabad Government of India Act Repressive Rowlatt Act Jalianwala Bagh Massacre Khilafat Movement — Non-cooperation Movement — Saddler Commission and an Indian Sir S.

Sinha was appointed Governor of Bengal. Suppressed non-cooperation movement. Lord Irwin —31 Simon Commission announced in Butler Commission ; Nehru Report Civil Disobedience Movement Dandi march Gandhi-Irwin Pact Martyrdom of Jatin Das hunger strike. Lord Willingdon —36 2nd Round Table Conference Burma separated from India All India Kisan Sabha Poona Pact was signed between Ambedkar and Gandhi.

Lord Linlithgow —43 First General Election — Congress ministries in and Resignation of Congress ministries in Foundation of Forward Block by S. Bose Lord Wavell — R.

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Please click here to register. With almost absolute power the Governor-General and viceroy played a significant role in the shaping history of the country. Following are some of these important figures and significant events and major reforms carried out by them. Lord Chelmsford. Appointment of S. Sinha as governor of Bihar first Indian to do so.

governor general and viceroy of india upsc pdf

List of Governors Generals & Viceroys of India for Banking & SSC Exams – GK Notes in PDF!

List of Governor General and Viceroy of India (Complete List)

Download this as PDF. The Governors-General were originally the head of the British administration in India during Colonial rule. The Regulating Act, however, granted them additional powers relating to foreign affairs and defence. While the Governor-General thus became the controller of foreign policy in India, he was not the explicit head of British India. Upon independence in August , the title of Viceroys of India was abolished.

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Click Here. Acquisition of territories in Malay Penisula; Capture of Bharatpur Lord W. Concluded a treaty of perpetual friendship with Ranjit Singh ; Passed the Charter Act of , which provided that no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his religion, place of birth, descent and colour. On recommendation of Macaulay Committee made English the medium of higher education in India. Bentick —35 : First Governor-General of India.

Establishment of Medical Services

The evolution of public health in British India and the history of disease prevention in that part of world in the 19 th and early 20 th century provides a valuable insight into the period that witnessed the development of new trends in medical systems and a transition from surveys to microscopic studies in medicine. It harbors the earliest laboratory works and groundbreaking achievements in microbiology and immunology. The advent of infectious diseases and tropical medicine was a direct consequence of colonialism. The history of diseases and their prevention in the colonial context traces back the epidemiology of infectious diseases, many of which are still prevalent in third world countries. It reveals the development of surveillance systems and the response to epidemics by the imperial government. It depicts how the establishment of health systems under the colonial power shaped disease control in British India to improve the health of its citizens [ Figure 1 ].

The Court of Directors assigned a Council of Four based in India to assist the Governor General, and decision of council was binding on the Governor General during — Lord William Bentinck was first to be designated as the Governor general of India in After the Indian Rebellion of , the company rule was brought to an end, but the British India along with princely states came under the direct rule of the British Crown.

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Daily Practice Quizzes, Attempt Here. Vikash Mishra Mar 14, Saurabh Kr Sanjay Apr 13, RajiV Kumar Apr 21, Surinder Sandhu Kadiana Apr 23,

English were defeated by Haider Ali.

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