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Lyrics are words that make up a song , usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of lyrics is a lyricist. The words to an extended musical composition such as an opera are, however, usually known as a " libretto " and their writer, as a " librettist ". The meaning of lyrics can either be explicit or implicit.

Samoan Hymns Lyrics

Died He for me, who caused His pain? For me, who Him to death pursued? Amazing love! Th'Immortal dies! Who can explore His strange design? In vain the firstborn seraph tries To sound the depths of love divine! Alive in Him, my living Head, And clothed in righteousness divine, Bold I approach th'eternal throne, And claim the crown, through Christ my own.

In he went to Westminster School, being provided with a home and board by his elder brother Samuel, then usher at the school, until , when he was elected King's Scholar, and as such received his board and education free. In Charles Wesley was elected to a Westminster studentship at Christ Church, Oxford, where he took his degree in , and became a college tutor.

Author: Charles Wesley Meter: 8. In a compact poetic manner, this text exclaims the mystery of God's grace extended to sinners who turn to Christ in faith. These sinners receive the righteousness of Christ and can approach the Lord's throne in confidence. Such is the amazing love of God in Christ! Charles Wesley b.

Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, ; d. Marylebone, London, England, wrote his powerful and joyful hymn text in in the days immediately following his conversion to belief in Christ May 21 ; he sang it with his brother John b.

Epworth, ; d. London, shortly after John's "Aldersgate experience. Traditionally one of the great hymns of Methodism, this text appears in a number of modern hymnals.

Like so many of Charles Wesley's hymn texts, "And Can It Be" is full of allusions to and quotations from Scripture; a few of the more obvious texts are Philippians , Acts , Romans , and Hebrews Wesley's use of metaphors is also noteworthy — he deftly contrasts light and darkness, life and death, slavery and freedom, and especially Christ's righteousness and our unrighteousness. Liturgical Use: Service of confession and forgiveness; adult baptism; in conjunction with doctrinal preaching; many other occasions.

Several members of the Wesley family are significant figures in the history of English hymnody, and none more so than Charles Wesley. Charles was the eighteenth child of Samuel and Susanna Wesley, who educated him when he was young. Their purpose was to study the Bible in a disciplined manner, to improve Christian worship and the celebration of the Lord's Supper, and to help the needy.

Charles Wesley was ordained a minister in the Church of England in but found spiritual conditions in the church deplorable. Charles and John served briefly as missionaries to the British colony in Georgia.

Enroute they came upon a group of Moravian missionaries, whose spirituality impressed the Wesleys. They returned to England, and, strongly influenced by the ministry of the Moravians, both Charles and John had conversion experiences in see more on this below. The brothers began preaching at revival meetings, often outdoors. These meetings were pivotal in the mid-eighteenth-century "Great Awakening" in England. Though neither Charles nor John Wesley ever left the Church of England themselves, they are the founders of Methodism.

Charles wrote some sixty-five hundred hymns, which were published in sixty-four volumes during his lifetime; these include Collection of Psalms and Hymns , Hymns on the Lord's Supper 1 , Hymns and Spiritual Songs , and Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists Charles's hymns are famous for their frequent quotations and allusions from the Bible, for their creedal orthodoxy and their subjective expression of Christian living, and for their use of some forty-five different meters, which inspired new hymn tunes in England.

Numerous hymn texts by Wesley are standard entries in most modern hymnals; fourteen are included in the Psalter Hymnal. Charles's elder brother John also studied at Christ Church College, Oxford, and was ordained a priest in the Church of England in After his contact with the Moravian missionaries, Wesley began translating Moravian hymns from German and published his first hymnal, Collection of Psalms and Hymns , in Charleston, South Carolina ; this hymnal was the first English hymnal ever published for use in worship.

Upon his return to England in Wesley "felt his heart strangely warmed" at a meeting on Aldersgate Street, London, when Peter Bohler, a Moravian, read from Martin Luther's preface to his commentary on the epistle to the Romans. It was at that meeting that John received the assurance that Christ had truly taken away his sins.

That conversion experience followed a few days later by a similar experience by his brother Charles led to his becoming the great itinerant evangelist and administrator of the Methodist "societies," which would eventually become the Methodist Church.

An Anglican all his life, John Wesley wished to reform the Church of England and regretted the need to found a new denomination. Most of the hymnals he prepared with his brother Charles were intended for Christians in all denominations; their Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists is one of the few specifically so designated. John was not only a great preacher and organizer, he was also a prolific author, editor, and translator.

He translated many classic texts, wrote grammars and dictionaries, and edited the works of John Bunyan and Richard Baxter. Most significant, however, is his well-known strong hand in editing and often strengthening his brother Charles's hymn texts before they copublished them in their numerous hymnals.

And can it be that I should gain. Wesley at that time underwent. His diary of that date gives minute details of the mental and spiritual struggles through which he passed, evidences of which, and the ultimate triumph, are clearly traceable in both hymns. It was first published in J. When included in the Wesleyan Hymn Book , , stanza v. It has passed from that hymnal into numerous collections in Great Britain and most English-speaking countries.

Stevenson's note on this hymn, dealing with the spiritual benefits it has conferred on many, is full and interesting Methodist Hymn Book Notes , p. Original text in Poetical Works , , vol. It was published in John Wesley's Psalms and Hymns in that same year with six stanzas.

The refrain is a repetition of the last two lines of the first stanza. Sometimes there is an expanded refrain, in which these two lines are sung twice after every stanza, replacing the last two lines of the second through fifth stanzas, but this omits some important lines of the hymn.

However, in the twentieth century this text was paired with SAGINA, and with few exceptions, this is the only tune used today. The tune is fairly well-known, but it can present difficulties for congregational singing because of its wide range and frequent melismas.

It is a good idea to sing in parts, especially on the refrain. This hymn is used as a song of response, and is especially suited to a service of confession and forgiveness, or an adult baptism. The soft, haunting mood of this arrangement is best suited for Lent or Holy Week, and allows the listener to contemplate the sober reality of Christ's sacrifice.

A separate copy of this score must be purchased for each choir member. If this score will be projected or included in a bulletin, usage must be reported to a licensing agent e. Skip to main content. Home Page. Hymnary FlexScore. Choral Give Us, This year. Refrain: Amazing love! Sing Joyfully, Psalm Isaiah Mark John Acts Romans Romans 8.

Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Hebrews Notes Scripture References: st. For Leaders Bulletin Blurb Worship Notes Scores The first three stanzas of this hymn explore both the contrast between the glory of heaven that Christ came from and the suffering He endured on earth, and the mystery of the love that motivated Him to make that journey.

In stanza four we are reminded how God brings us to salvation in language that reminds us of Peter's experience in Acts , where God sent an angel to open the prison doors and loose Peter's chains.

The final stanza is a jubilant celebration of our new state in Christ and the privilege of communion with God that we enjoy. Tiffany Shomsky, Hymnary. FlexScores are available in the Media section below. Amazing Love! How Can It Be? Sing Joyfully - More PowerPoint Hymn Instance Ancient and Modern: hymns You have access to this FlexScore.

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Lyrics: Charles Wesley. Pусский (Russian). And can it be that I should gain. An int'rest in the Savior's blood? Who can explore His strange design?

"How Can It Be" lyrics

Died He for me, who caused His pain? For me, who Him to death pursued? Amazing love!

Lauren Daigle Lyrics. I am guilty Ashamed of what I've done, what I've become These hands are dirty I dare not lift them up to the Holy One You plead my cause, you right my wrongs You break my chains, you overcome You gave your life, to give me mine You say that I am free How can it be? Yeah How can it be?

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And Can It Be That I Should Gain

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