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Kent State University Masters Project Pdf College Of Health And Human Services

kent state university masters project pdf college of health and human services

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The Master of Science degree in Nutrition emphasizes a strong nutritional sciences foundation through coursework and opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary research in community settings. Graduates obtain positions as nutrition-exercise specialists; cooperative extension nutrition specialists; higher education instructors; research associates; and as nutritionists in health care and community agencies such as Head Start and Women, Infants and Children WIC. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies admission website. This program is designed to prepare students to sit for applicable licensure or certification in Ohio.

Healthcare Design - M.H.D.

The Master of Healthcare Design degree is a post-professional degree and one of the very few in the country focusing on the design of healthcare facilities. The MHCD program equips students with the knowledge and skills required to design spaces that are conducive to safety, satisfaction, and efficiency for all end users, including patients, staff, and caregivers. The program is also designed for those professionals who want to have a deeper understanding of not just health care design, but of other drivers of health care innovations such as public policy, reimbursement, emerging technologies and what patient-centered care really means from the perspective of patients and families. Upon graduation, our alumni are employed in healthcare-focused architecture and design firms. Program curriculum is diverse by complementing required courses with electives from Colleges of Public Health, Nursing, and beyond.

Human Development and Family Studies - M.A.

The Master of Science degree in Construction Management offers students a deep understanding of leading dynamic construction projects and organizations in the built environment. Graduates of the program are prepared to lead at both the project and corporate level. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies website. For more information on international admission, visit the Office of Global Education website. Students will be immersed in team settings and required to create a total company structure; estimate, schedule and complete risk assessment and sustainability goals for a proposed project; and develop a marketing plan and other expectations.

The Master of Arts degree in Human Development and Family Studies provides students with advanced knowledge in the fields of family sciences and human development and the opportunity to develop multidisciplinary research and community outreach skills. Coursework enables students to apply to become Certified Family Life Educators. Courses focus on current research and practice in human development and family studies with an emphasis on family theories and processes; family life education; the reciprocal influences of family, school, work and community contexts; development across the lifespan; and the strengths and needs of diverse populations. The program emphasizes both basic and applied research. Student participation in interdisciplinary research and community outreach projects is encouraged. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies admission website. The master's project is intended for students who do not plan to continue graduate work beyond the master's degree, and provides the opportunity to approach research and theory in a more applied manner.

It is also an excellent choice for those who want to develop skills in fields like corporate training, multimedia production, web development, administration of technology centers, and other positions that involve the instructional application of information and communications technologies. This is an entirely online degree program. Admissions requirements include a completed admission form, a goal statement, undergraduate transcripts preferably with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3. No standardized test results need be submitted. Other forms associated with admissions can be obtained on the Graduate Student Services Forms page. This 30 credit-hour program includes a core of required courses, as well as the opportunity to choose a specialization area and some elective courses. To do so, you will form a committee of at least two faculty members to oversee the project, and plan, administer, and write-up some original research.

kent state university masters project pdf college of health and human services

The credit is less than six (nine) years old at the time of the master's (doctoral) degree is conferred at Kent State University. • In compliance with.

Master's Degree

An overview of the profession of athletic training; including employment opportunities, academic and clinical preparation; and introduction to basic knowledge and skills utilized in the profession. Emphasis on leadership, mentoring, ethics and research from an introductory perspective. Prerequisite: Athletic training major.

The Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies is intended to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge about human communication in various social contexts, and the ways in which information is produced and processed. Curriculum focus is on the social and behavioral study of communication theory and research. The program prepares individuals to pursue a doctorate degree, as well as for non-academic careers in which a broad understanding of communication theory and research is desirable. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies admission website. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be at the level.

The Master of Arts degree in Computer Science enables students with a bachelor's degree in any area to enter the many fields that require both computer science skills and skills gained in a student's prior studies. The program requires no prior computer science training and covers a breadth of knowledge in advance computer science topics that can also be used to solve problems in the field of the student's bachelor's degree. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies admission website.

School of Health Sciences

The Ph. For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the Graduate Studies admission website. Each doctoral candidate, upon admission to candidacy, must register for Dissertation I for a total of 30 credit hours.

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The college offers more than two dozen distinctive programs that lead to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Arts,​.

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    The Master of Science degree in Health Informatics prepares graduates for careers in managerial, analytical, consultative and executive roles working with healthcare systems and clinicians.

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