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Ray Optics And Optical Instruments Class 12 Ppt To Pdf

ray optics and optical instruments class 12 ppt to pdf

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Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behaviour and properties of light , including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. Because light is an electromagnetic wave , other forms of electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays , microwaves , and radio waves exhibit similar properties. Most optical phenomena can be accounted for by using the classical electromagnetic description of light. Complete electromagnetic descriptions of light are, however, often difficult to apply in practice. Practical optics is usually done using simplified models. The most common of these, geometric optics , treats light as a collection of rays that travel in straight lines and bend when they pass through or reflect from surfaces.

Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Class 12 Notes have been subdivided into the following sub-sections to help students navigate through them easily:. In this section from notes of the chapter Ray Optics Class 12, the rectilinear propagation of light theory has been explained thoroughly with the help of a diagram of a ray of light. This section from Chapter 9 Class 12 Physics Notes will help students to revise their understanding regarding the reflection of light. Accordingly, essential concepts such as deviation, laws of reflection have been discussed in detail. Reflection by a plane surface and a plane mirror has been explained in Ray Optics And Optical Instruments Class 12 Notes with the help of diagrams.

Unit: Ray optics and optical instruments

If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Donate Login Sign up Search for courses, skills, and videos. Class 12 Physics India. Reflection and plane mirrors. Specular and diffuse reflection Opens a modal. Specular and diffuse reflection 2 Opens a modal.

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You can download Free Ray Optics - PowerPoint Presentation, Science, Class XII, CBSE Class 11 Notes | EduRev pdf from EduRev by using search above.

Physics Class-XII PPT

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Mani, Principal, K V No. At a particular value of angle of incidence the angle of deviation becomes minimum and is called angle of minimum deviation.

Ray Optics - PowerPoint Presentation, Science, Class XII, CBSE Class 11 Notes | EduRev

The incident ray, normal and reflected ray all lie in the same plane. The angle of incidence is always equal to angle of reflection. All the distance measurements are done from pole of the mirror and height measurements are from the principal axis.

It is possible to see images when converging image light rays reflect off of mirrors. When light is reflected off a mirror, it hits the mirror at the same angle i, the reflected incident ray incidence angle as it ray reflects off the mirror r, the reflection angle. Mirror J. Light from the object reflects off the mirror and converges to form an image. Real images are formed by light rays. Virtual images are formed by sight lines.

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Extra Questions for Class 12 Physics. This document is highly rated by Class 12 students and has been viewed times. With the help of Notes, candidates can plan their Strategy for particular weaker section of the subject and study hard. Are you looking for ppt of investigatory projects in physics for class 12 cbse? Educational Study Material.

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    The path is called a ray of light, and a bundle of such rays constitutes a instruments, including the human eye. that of a spherical lens is called its optical centre. index of medium 1 with respect to medium 2, then it should be clear that. 1 Our eye is, of course, one of the most important optical device the nature.

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    RAY OPTICS - II 1. Refraction through a Prism 2. Expression for Refractive Index of Prism 3. Dispersion 4. Angular Dispersion and Dispersive.

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