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Ethnic Federalism In Ethiopia Challenges And Opportunities Pdf

ethnic federalism in ethiopia challenges and opportunities pdf

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The Original Sin of Ethiopian Federalism

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities. Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia :. The study of Federalism has attracted scholars of various fields for a long time. Federalism as an in strument of balanc in g the tension between universalism and. After the end of the cold. The choice favour in g it is adopted in Ethiopia. The study aspires to clarify some of the. More over the challenge this mode of. In general this study consists of five chapters. The first chapter is in troductory.

Background, statement of the problem and methodology and source of Information of the. Chapter two deals with conceptualization of the core.

This chapter will attempt to discuss Federalism , Ethnic ity, and selfdeterm in ation. In chapter three survey of the constitutional development in Ethiopia will be made. Ethiopia 's experience with written constitution and its treatment of issues concern in g. Constitutional order will be described by focus in g on the fundamental pr in ciples of the. In Chapter four, the notion of federalism, ethnicity, and self-determ in ation will be. Their position in the constitutional legal order and.

Who is the claimant? What are the procedures? What in stitutions are in volved? How far is secession to serve as a solution to problem of multiethnicity? And, whether secession is a threat to the Ethiopia n federalism? These and other. The constitutional recognition of customary and religious laws which is all the more. How can one ma in ta in. How do we h and le human. An attempt to answer these questions will be. After a long and devastat in g civil war, the military dictatorship regime that.

The new Ethiopia n governors,. Transitional Period Charter of and in subsequent proclamations and. Ethiopia became a federal state in Article 1 of the Constitution of. The in clusion of particularly the latter. This query would be better. The threat of secession and possible dis in tegration of Ethiopia as a. The exam in ation. From among these challenges, the focus of. As po in ted out earlier ethnic-federalism in the Ethiopia n context faces a.

So hav in g this threat of fragmentation one may start. This is because; it is explicit in the nature of federalism that in addition to. By so do in g, it. This study will aspire to articulate and exam in e these and other related. The in formation to be used in this thesis is gathered from books, laws, cases. Moreover, official reports of the council of Representatives. Legal as well as socio-legal method.

For a better underst and in g of the issues in volved,. K in g, in his book entitled. An in stitutional arrangement, tak in g the form of a sovereign state, and. It is basically a compromise between in tegration and. This implies that the central authority cannot alter. The federal arrangements that exist in the world today fall. Nonetheless, W. Riker argues that the search for liberty and freedom is not. Accord in g to him the. Likewise the Swiss federation has a similar history beh in d the.

Lovise claims that threat of dis in tegration and the need to. Riker, Federalism : Orig in , Operation, and Significance pp. Where Might it Take Us? Riker, Federalism : Orig in , Operation, Significance, ,,pp Accord in g to Elazar ethno-nationalists are the strongest force.

So far, federalism's mean in g, aspects, values, factors for and aga in st and. Elazar, Federalism and the way to Peace, , pp Due to the grow in g need for proper underst and in g of the concepts and. Gud in a in his book on. Hav in g seen the problem of def in in g such a politically sensitive term as. Constructivism, on the other h and , argues for the in clusion of additional. Quot in g S. Nabudere , 90 , M. Gud in a suggests a balanced view.

The positive side. Quite a significant number of writers express their fear in mak in g ethnicity. This pendulum sw in g in the other direction reflects and. Hamasso and M. Salih suggest a pragmatic African approach. Accord in g to. Seyoum, Ethnic ity in Africa towards a Positive Approach, pp Mohammod pp 25 as quoted in M.

Gud in a, supra note This position of condon in g ethnicity as a crucial factor in state. The difference in fram in g aside, the disagreement in theories noted, and the.

Seyoum, for. The culture, he ma in ta in s, is to be traced to "observable characters" such as. See A. Similar features recur in the work of Horowitz too, who, however, goes further. Generally, then, one can say that the ma in features or elements of ethnicity. A recent study shows that the in fluenc in g and. Distributive approach aims at chang in g "the ethnic. Ethnic ally skewed in vestment and preferential policies fall in the category of. Federalism , regional autonomy and equitable electoral.

Moreover, federalism and its variants, e. Confederation regional autonomy. In the same ve in , S. Hamesso calls for a comprehensive ethnic sensitivity in. He suggests that. Doctr in al elaboration of the content and holders of the right to self-. Despite the flow of numerous in tellectual energy consensus could. External self-determ in ation, accord in g to such scholarly writ in gs , was. Internal self-determ in ation, on the other h and , concerns the right of.

Mba Research Papers Pdf In Ethiopia

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia Challanges and Opportunities. Author Nikodimos Abate Summary, in English The study of Federalism has attracted scholars of various fields for a long time. Federalism as an instrument of balancing the tension between universalism and particularism has drawn more attention in pluralistic societies. After the end of the cold war era there is a drift in to reaffirmation of ethnic identity as a means of determining the public life of a society, the venture to ethnify federalism might be regarded as a pragmatic solution but still prone to critique. How far ethnic federalism is a solution to problems of multi-ethnicity is yet to be seen.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. International Journal of Science, Technology and Society. Ample research has been conducted so far about federalism and the type of federalism, yet the connection between ethnic federalism and the right to movement is not studied hence the main objective of this study is to assess the challenge of Ethiopian federalism on the right to freedom of movement and residence.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Mobility and ethnic federalism in Ethiopia. Author Dessalegn, Beza. Metadata Show full item record. The Constitution also provides for a number of individual rights, including the free movement of citizens within the country.

ETHNO-FEDERALISM: CHALLENGES AND. OPPORTUNITIES. ABSTRACT. The study analyses the role of federalism in solving the national and ethnic.

Ethiopia’s Ethnic Federalism: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The study of Federalism has attracted scholars of various fields for a long time.

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities. Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia :.

This aptly describes the dizzying political sea change that Ethiopia has been going through since 2 April , the day that saw the election of Abiy Ahmed as the Prime Minister. Since then, the country has witnessed political reforms that, if sustained, will soon herald a new era of democratization and human rights. The media is now relatively free. The electoral commission is now led by a former judge and leading opposition figure who was once jailed and exiled for her role in the disputed election of that led to the deaths of hundreds of people.

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia Challanges and Opportunities

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    The regime transformed the hitherto centralised state into the Federal Democratic Republic and also redefined citizenship, politics and identity on ethnic grounds.

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