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Dark Tourism Lennon And Foley Pdf

dark tourism lennon and foley pdf

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Dark tourism

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Dark tourism is the act of travel and visitation to sites, attractions and exhibitions that re present death, disaster or the seemingly macabre. This paper examines the relationship between dark tourism consumption and mortality within contemporary society. Save to Library. Create Alert.

I had a sense of what the topic entailed, and it turns out to be even more fascinating than I suspected. Why do some people like to visit the sites of tragedies? What is the attraction of ghost tours? Why are memorials popular destinations for tourists? This relatively new field of dark tourism crosses into many different disciplines, as you will see in the column that follows.

Beyond the Shades of Darkness. Dark tourism scholarship, so far, has mostly confined itself to European interpretations of rituals and death. This study aims at analyzing the phenomenon of dark tourism in the context of a non-Western and religious setting in India focusing specifically on tourist interest and perceptions. In simple terms, it can be understood as the act of travel to sites that are somehow associated with death, suffering, and tragedy. For instance, Tazim Jamal and Linda Lelo argue that the notion of darkness is a socially constructed rather than an objective fact constructed by some tourist scholars.

Confronting mortality moments: death, dying and the consumption of dark tourism

Dark tourism sometimes referred to as thanatourism has become established in the last decade as a niche tourism area. Death, suffering, visitation and tourism have been interrelated for many centuries Foley and Lennon, a; Seaton, Indeed for many years, humans have been attracted to sites and events that are associated with death, disaster, suffering, violence and killing. From ancient Rome and gladiatorial combat to attendance at public executions, sites of death have held a voyeuristic appeal. As previously recorded, the site of hte first battle in the American Civil War was sold as a potential tourist site the following day Lennon and Foley, and viewing of the battlefield of Waterlook by non-combatants was recorded in Seaton, These sites associated with death and disaster that exert a dark fascination for visitors are frequently linked to crime locations and the perpetration of lawful and unlawful acts.

The Dark Tourist: Consuming Dark Spaces in the Periphery

The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies will appeal to students and scholars with an interest in aspects of memorialisation and morality in sociology, death studies, history, geography, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, business management, museology and heritage tourism studies, politics, religious studies, and anthropology. The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies hits the sweet spot between accessibility and scholarly sophistication and balances the specific with the general and theoretical. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide.

Chapter 12 Dark Tourism and Sites of Crime

Dark Tourism - the guide to dark travel destinations around the world. This is the "original", the "classic" work on dark tourism, the first publication in book form which features the term 'dark tourism' in the title. Some parts of the book thus have a very "cobbled together" feel to them, which is quite probably due to the fact that it WAS indeed largely cobbled together from such earlier work.

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Chapter 12 Dark Tourism and Sites of Crime

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