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List Of All Prime Ministers And Presidents Of Pakistan Pdf

list of all prime ministers and presidents of pakistan pdf

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Since , Pakistan has had eighteen prime ministers, aside from the appointed caretaker prime ministers who were only mandated to oversee the system until the election process was finished. In , the office was again revived but ceased to exist shortly. After the general elections held in , Zafarullah Khan Jamali was invited to form his administration as its prime minister.

List of presidents of Pakistan

To maintain national economic and financial stability along a path of sustainable and inclusive growth. To assist in the formulation and ensure the effective execution of sound and equitable economic and financial policies, that put Pakistan on the path of sustained economic development and macro-economic stability with a view to improving the quality of life of the people of Pakistan. Achieving allocative efficiency through best budget making practices Strengthening Public Finance Management Efficient Macro-Economic and Fiscal Management Meaningful coordination with financial institutions Achieving long term debt sustainability Optimizing availability and utilization of foreign exchange Maintaining expenditures control and austerity. Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance. Committee to resolve issues arising during implementation of Disparity Reduction Allowance. Fiscal Policy Statement, January

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List of prime ministers of Pakistan

Since the post of Governor-General had not been abolished permanently at the beginning, Prime Minister initially did not have all executive powers. There was a very short period of recreation of the post when Nurul Amin was appointed Prime Minister for merely 13 days and alongside him, General Yahya Khan also illegally made both Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Mujibur Rehman Vice Prime Ministers, but they never acquired these positions. Subsequently, the posts had been abolished four more times, all when the military take over occurred. Currently, under the 18 th Amendment passed in , Prime Minister is the head of the state of Pakistan and holds more power than any other government official, including the President. Here is the complete list of Prime Ministers of Pakistan since

Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia. Government Organization. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President though. Apart from the Prime Minister, the President even appoints Council of Ministers as well as numerous other high ranking government officials She gained notoriety for several issues like imposition of emergency, war with Pakistan, gagging of press, raid of Golden Temple etc.

The President of Pakistan is constitutionally the head of the state. Thus, the President of Pakistan is truly a complete representative figure in the government having the highest authority to run the government. The Prime Minister of Pakistan runs the state. Here is a complete list of all the Presidents of Pakistan since Imran khan r nawaz k msly ko hl keen.

The prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the popularly elected politician who is the re-elected as Prime Minister with an exclusive mandate from all over Pakistan for a "The constitution of the islamic republic of pakistan" (pdf).

List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan and their tenure

You would be surprised to know that since independence on 14th August, not a single Prime Minister of Pakistan has completed his five-year tenure. In this article we are giving a list of all the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and their tenure, which will give you the information about which Prime Minister of Pakistan has been holding his post for the most time.


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    Benazir Bhutto , born June 21, , Karachi , Pakistan—died December 27, , Rawalpindi , Pakistani politician who became the first woman leader of a Muslim nation in modern history.

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    Provided that, if the election cannot be held within the period aforesaid because the National Assembly is dissolved, it shall be held within thirty days of the general election to the Assembly.

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