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Dragons Fearsome Monsters From Myth And Fiction Pdf

dragons fearsome monsters from myth and fiction pdf

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Creatures and Monsters from Greek Mythology

By Gerrie McCall. For centuries, folk tales about fierce, fire-breathing dragons have fascinated children and adults alike. Sometimes scary, sometimes surprisingly friendly, dragons are major characters in legends from all around the world. Dragons collects 20 of these mythical beasts from Chinese, Japanese, Babylonian, Mediterranean and Nordic mythology as well as examples from more recent fantasy literature, such as J. From the rage of Beowulf's dragon to the victory of St. George over the dragon, Dragons brings together the most exciting of these mythical monsters. Illustrated throughout with outstanding, full-colour artworks for each dragon, each entry includes easy-to-follow accounts of the myth, maps of the geographical origins, and factfile boxes describing the different strengths and weaknesses and characteristics of the dragon.

Jump to navigation. Features ancient legends, mythological dragons, and media dragons, all illustrated in striking, full-color art. There are several reasons to recommend this dragon book. The reading level is appropriate for the interest group 9- to year-olds. Each two-page spread of each dragon contains a full-page illustration, a comparative illustration with man to show size, a map of country of origin and story, an illustration depicting one scene of the dragon in action, and a list of factoids. The illustrations are dramatic, brazenly colorful, and full of intricate anatomical details. Three groups of dragons are featured: those from ancient legends like Beowulf's Dragon and the one fought by St.

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The heroes are probably the best-known part of Greek mythology , but what makes a hero? Having monsters to fight, that's what. There were also many fabulous animals such as the Nemean Lion, golden-fleeced Ram and the winged horse Pegasus , not to mention the creatures of legend such as the Phoenix, the Griffin and Unicorns. Hers is a cautionary tale about pride that we can all learn from. According to the myth, Arachne was a very famous and talented weaver.

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Dragons: Fearsome Monsters From Myth And Fiction

ISBN 13: 9780545013192

Discover the truth about the world's most fascinating and magical creatures that have been featured in legends and tales for centuries.

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    Ancient, beautiful and undeniably powerful , dragons in their most common depictions have helped characterize the fantasy world and lend impressive mythological grandeur to the tales that feature them.

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    It has the head of a human , four eyes, clawed arms, bat wings, and the body of a serpent.

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