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Elementary And Intermediate Algebra Pdf

elementary and intermediate algebra pdf

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Published: 24.04.2021

Publisher: Saylor Foundation.

Book Description: The mathematics covered in this textbook are at an intermediate algebra level, building upon literacies covered in Mathematical Fundamental and Elementary Algebra. Final Exam Preparation. It may differ from the original.

Elementary And Intermediate Algebra 5th Edition Baratto Bergman Download

Publisher: Saylor Foundation. The book gives students a good insight about pre-Algebra concepts. I gave is a five because of the breaking down of the problems and the use of the colors to reach the visual learners. There is no glossary, but a table is given. Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. Looking at the examples, and exercises given to students for practice, the book is accurate.

I did not find any errors. I cannot say that the book is culturally sensitive. The book is not as diverse as our today classrooms. The longevity of the bool is good. The topics will be still good many years to come. It won't be a lot of changes. The use of certain symbols like the radical could more clear at times so student will not make mistakes reading them. The book is split in good and easy to read parts. It makes is easy for teachers and students as well.

The book is well organized. There is a linearity in the topics studied and I can see a logical follow up. The only minor point, is a small review before starting the new chapter so the students can rely on the previous chapters for better understanding.

There is inconsistencies on the PDF version of the book. The book is using different platform to display content like math symbols which are not clear on the PDF version of the book, It is always better to tell the audience which platform to use for better reading.

I did not see or encounter any grammatical errors even though I did not read every sentence in the book. I did not see any relevance of cultural insensitivity, but looking at the diversity of our classrooms, the book should add some cultural items to help the minority students understand the topics using their cultural background.

The book has a lot of potential to it. There is a need for cultural sensitivity on the mathematical topics, and also raising the bar to help some advance students get a head, and get more challenged. The book is very comprehensive. There is a table of contents but no glossary. The book does not have that much text, which is very good for fast learning and reading. Additionally the efficient use of text results in short worded problems.

The worded problems do not have a great deal of special names of people or places or events, thus they appear to be applicable to many groups and should be pertinent for many years.

The book is very clear. Diagrams are simple. There is a lot of space. The explanations are very clear and the wording is very efficient. The book is very consistent. The outline of each chapter and topics are very consistent between chapters. The book is very modular and each chapter is broken up into short manageable sections that are easily accessed by clicking in the table of contents. The organization, structure and flow are well designed.

Objectives are first shown, some introductory text and then some great examples are finally presented. At the end of each section, there are many problems. The odd answers are also at the end of the sections and this allows students to quickly verify answers and not look in other books or all over the book for answers. The simple explanations and efficient wording of worded problems appear to have the effect that there should not be any offensive problems for certain races, etc.

I thought the book was one of the better introductory algebra books. The examples and methods are very clear and simple. I think the book is especially useful for ESL users.

This book provides very clear and comprehensive coverage of the usual Elementary Algebra topics, as well as some Intermediate Algebra material. The book provides plenty of examples and very robust, well-constructed exercise sets.

The author has The author has gone the extra mile to include special notes, cautions, and even some alternate solutions to examples. There is no index or glossary, which is a significant problem. While navigating the book to simply review it, I spent a lot of time searching scrolling for specific topics. One example of this is, when the AC method is discussed in section 6. I expect that the lack of an index could deter students from using the book as a resource, and may inhibit learning the material.

The embedded videos are a very useful feature. Students benefit greatly from easy access to videos that demonstrate and reinforce the material, and care has been taken to choose appropriate videos. If I were using this text for my class, I would likely supplement with additional videos for my students.

Overall, this is a good, comprehensive book for Elementary Algebra. In reviewing the book, I saw very few content errors. Care has been taken to use proper vocabulary, to show appropriate mathematical processes, and to address common student errors. If, by chance, groundbreaking algebraic methods or strategies come into fashion, this book could be easily edited to incorporate them. Examples and exercises are fairly factual and generic. By avoiding "real world" contexts and references, they are somewhat insulated from becoming outdated.

The downside to this approach is that problem introductions are a bit dry and potentially hard for students to relate to. In section 1. If those graphics or others make the book feel outdated at some point, it could be easily updated with newer data from the cited source.

The clarity of this book seems in line with most other mainstream elementary algebra books. The very nice use of color and graphics is effective and helps with readability. Additionally, while searching for particular videos, I found it difficult to scroll through quickly and find the video links.

I would like to see video links offset by a color or special graphic for clarity and ease of use. There is a very nice, consistent structure throughout the book.

For example, blue boxes make finding exercise sets fast and easy. Depending on how the book is being accessed, there can be significant variation in how notation is used, even from one exercise to the next.

I experienced inconsistencies between browsers, and between the pdf versus online version. One example is exponents.

Another example is the placement of the radical symbol. Sometimes it was written correctly, and other times the radical symbol was typed after the radicand. The inconsistency and inaccuracy are very problematic, and would certainly need to be addressed before I would feel comfortable using this book.

The consistent structure used within each section would earn a rating of "5" from me. But the other major inconsistencies mentioned lower my ranking. Chapters and sections are numbered, but then those numbers aren't referenced in the online version's table of contents.

And, even though each section begins with a chapter and section number, the pdf version does not provide a table of contents, at all. The advantages of having each chapter and section numbered would include the ability to explicitly list the content, by number, in a table of contents.

I am confused as to why this wasn't done, but suppose it wouldn't be a big job to edit that information in, if desired. The disadvantages of having each section numbered is that it complicates re-ordering content. This would make re-ordering or omitting sections a bit more complicated, and would likely necessitate significant editing. One nice feature is the sub-sections objectives of each section. There is some material introduced earlier than usual square roots, for example , but that approach improves the modularity of the material.

Overall, the organization of material makes sense. This is the area in which the book stumbles, somewhat.

Depending on which browser or format I used, the notation and fonts were pretty wildly inconsistent and sometimes totally meaningless. I was using a Mac, and viewed the book using both Chrome and Safari.

I also downloaded the pdf to view on my laptop. In Chrome, the exercise sets at the end of each section were virtually empty of content. In Safari, I was able to view the problem sets.

In Chrome, many of the mathematical expressions and equations were simply missing from the body of the text. In Safari, they showed up okay. On Chrome, I had to right-click and view in a separate tab. In Safari, I never was able to figure out how to view the videos. The font size varied dramatically, even within single problem sets.

Further, fraction bars were often missing, making the content unreadable.

Algebra: Elementary, Intermediate & College

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Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 4th Edition

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