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Neurosurgery Residency Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

neurosurgery residency interview questions and answers pdf

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The interview is one of the most important phases of the neurosurgical residency application process. Since most applicants complete only subinternships, the interview is your chance to put a face and a personality to your application for the majority of programs to which you apply. The good news is that anyone invited to interview by a program has been deemed competent — on paper — to become a neurosurgical resident at that program. The interview, then, is an opportunity to show the faculty and the residents that you are personable, thoughtful, funny, quick-thinking, and — above all — a normal person who they would enjoy spending seven long years in the trenches with.

Top 10 Residency Interview Questions You will be Asked

This is tough, because many of us have not had any experience which can truly prove that you have the hands to do it. Seizures arising from multiple areas of cerebral cortex. If a nerve is found to be disrupted at delayed 3 to 8 weeks exploration, the surgeon should find the two ends of the nerve and suture them together. A tough question, so try to focus on something that reveals who you are and what matters to you most. Various stories have permeated through the interview trail for years.

While we cannot and do not purport to provide tax advice, many of the expenses incurred during interview season may be tax-deductible, as they are associated with a job search. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask any outstanding questions about the program, but if you have none, socialize about other things! Interviewing Questions I was asked at pretty much every place whether or not I would actually be willing to live there.

If you have not been interviewed for a position in several years, it is of vital importance to practice. Meningioma For example, you can be most proud of your decision to leave school for a year and spend time with a dying family member — perhaps this was not written anywhere in your application but you can describe why it was so meaningful to you and take the chance to reveal your personal values.

Cerebral lacerations. It is best to answer these questions with real-life stories and examples. Which of the following stereotactic procedures would be performed primarily to alter the function of the brain? However, they can be completed during gaps in the interview trail or in February when interviews have slowed down and rank lists have not been finalized.

Answer: ABCD, 8. Even this is incomparable to being an actual resident. The faculty should remember something especially meaningful and enduring about you. Contralateral loss of temperature appreciation. The Neurosurgical Atlas depends almost entirely on your donations. Of course, this method will only catch invitations sent via ERAS. The use of rendered three-dimensional images and a three-dimensional digitizer.

One of the most rewarding parts of the interview trail is getting to travel around the country and meeting all of your future colleagues. The most important rule is to rank the programs based on your preferences, unaffected by outside forces.

Answer: E, 7. Second looks are a tricky part of the interview trail as they are meant to give an applicant a better idea about a program by allowing them to see the day-to-day intricacies of the neurosurgical service. Diminution of sensation over the medial aspect of the right foot, including the great toe. Calling the attending here is the right thing to do.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your answer reveals how committed you are to achieving your professional goals. Even the most malignant of primary brain tumors seldom spread outside the confines of the central nervous system CNS.

What questions do you have about our program? See the previous answer — if patient safety is on the line, then you should call the attending. A typical type of intramedullary tumor is a meningioma. However, one of the best ways to convey your interest in a program is to ask your interviewers detailed, specific questions about the program.

Full neck extension frequently accentuates the neck and arm pain of a patient with a cervical disc herniation. Other topics to avoid asking questions about are salary and other similar benefits of the program.

Focus on yourself and your unique qualities that make neurosurgery right for you. Does this seem like a group of people with which you would enjoy spending the majority of your time? Be prepared to talk about a few books you have read recently that made an impression on you. Are you someone who would be fun to spend seven years with — both inside and outside the hospital? Extradural neoplasms are usually benign. As this is yet another opportunity to talk about your interests outside of medicine and to paint a picture of yourself as a fun and well-rounded person, we recommend avoiding books about neurosurgery.

Do not be late to an interview - it is unacceptable to oversleep during residency, and it is also not acceptable to sleep through part of your interview day. This is another opportunity to include information that is not in your application that is unique to you and by which you want to be remembered. Ask about research opportunities for residents in specific subspecialties you are interested in, and try to find out whether the residents are actually participating, or if the opportunities only exist in theory, but the residents are too busy to take advantage of them.

A diminished or absent right ankle jerk. If your school does not offer formal assistance, here's a list of frequently asked interview questions. Ischemic stroke. When invitations start arriving, you can easily verify which dates you are available for and reply quickly.

You should be evaluating all of these questions and more during and after the dinner. The point is to get you out of your comfort zone and evaluate your ability to multitask without becoming frazzled.

Which of the following statements are true? If you must decline an invitation, politely thank the coordinator for the invitation. Schwannoma D. A bacterial brain abscess commonly presents as a mass lesion of the brain, without systemic signs of infection such as fever or leukocytosis.

Should not be treated surgically when they occur in the cerebellum. They are most common in the lumbosacral area. Answer: D, A right-sided disc herniation at the L5—S1 level typically may cause: Answer: D, Review the questions listed in the next section "From the Program Director's Perspective" as well.

Appropriate parenteral antibiotic treatment should be sufficient in this high risk patient. The presence of hypotension associated with a cervical spine injury following blunt trauma would suggest invariably the presence of blood loss in association with the neurologic injury The Hoffmann-Tinel sign localizes the level of a nerve injury.

A year-old boy is struck by a baseball in the side of the head. Harvey Cushing of the United States. As the invites pile up, it will become more and more difficult to schedule your interviews without double-booking. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or duck-sized horses? Make sure to ask questions that are important for your quality of life. Marsupialization of the abscess.

A high yield question, so make sure to have some answers in your back pocket. Please donate now! Make sure your answer reveals how excited you are about residency by describing your sub-internships and experiences that clearly demonstrated the schedule you will have. What makes you think you have the hands to do this job? Interviewers want to learn about you and your unique attributes so be ready to share. One way to answer the question is to state, honestly and openly, that there is no real way to know until you get there, but you are looking forward to learning.

Most intracranial aneurysms are congenital Try to send any thank you notes within a week of the interview. October 17, Usually a clinical picture will be described, such as a patient suffering from cauda equina syndrome in the ED. We recommend creating a cloud-based e. Why would you leave Chicago? It is clearly stated that programs may express their interest in a candidate and applicants can freely express their interest in a program; however, neither party can ask the other to disclose their ranking preferences or ranking intentions.

Consult your invitation email and any additional communication from the program coordinator carefully when planning airfare, accommodation, and ground transportation. Posterior Circulation Aneurysms: Clip or Coil? If nothing comes to mind easily, think of an experience that you went through during your professional life that was difficult.

Ideally, this answer will include both personal and professional attributes that you will contribute. These interactions can be genuine, but there will always be stories on the trail about applicants and programs that were not being honest, and remember that neurosurgery is a small field in which chairmen and program directors all know each other and do discuss matters of common interest, including the application process. While each program does it differently, the dinner, and sometimes a trip to a bar or two afterwards, is when you will likely spend the most time interacting with the current residents.

Initially, medical management is indicated in all patients who do not have neurologic deterioration Which of the following statements are true? A symptomatic cervical disc herniation usually occurs in an anterolateral or anterior direction and can be removed by a surgical approach through the front of the neck.

The majority of astrocytomas can be cured surgically. Which subspecialty of neurosurgery interests you? He was found to have weakness of the left triceps muscle and a diminished left triceps jerk.

Also, if you ever received a compliment on your suturing skills, be sure to mention that, especially if a surgeon was the one complimenting you!

Lung cancer as well as breast, kidney, testicular and colon cancer are the most common primary sites to metastasize to the brain You should have a couple prepared, including someone within academics not necessarily neurosurgery and someone outside of it. They are benign lesions.

The usual symptomatic lumbar disc herniation occurs in a posterolateral direction. Stereotactic biopsy of a brain tumor in the right posterior thalamus. However, second looks, similar to subinternships, may also function as extended interviews where the residents and faculty see how the applicant would fit within the program.

The interviewer might push you to say something negative about the other applicant but NEVER do this. Are you OK with the long hours? What problems will our specialty face in the next years?


This is tough, because many of us have not had any experience which can truly prove that you have the hands to do it. Seizures arising from multiple areas of cerebral cortex. If a nerve is found to be disrupted at delayed 3 to 8 weeks exploration, the surgeon should find the two ends of the nerve and suture them together. A tough question, so try to focus on something that reveals who you are and what matters to you most. Various stories have permeated through the interview trail for years.

Have questions ready to ask. Preferably in the form of energy or enthusiasm for some aspect of the program you are visiting. Programs look for people who want to be there! A whiff of dishonesty or lack of integrity is the kiss of death, and FAR more problematic than a weak grade or other misstep. There may be aspects of the training process or even the field of FM that do not appeal to you as an applicant, but rather than mention or focus on these, focus on the areas that excite you, truly excite you, and talk enthusiastically about them.

Assuming that you sent in your application in early September, you may begin receiving interview offers within a few weeks. Some programs start interviews as early as the middle of October, but most occur between early November and mid-January. You will find out about most of your offers during the month of October. Offering an interview is the first step by which programs begin to narrow the pool of applicants, and you may not be invited for an interview at every program to which you apply. Most programs will email you, but some may call. Be sure to check your email and voice messages often, and schedule your interviews as quickly as possible, as interview spots fill up fast sometimes within minutes of the email. Many programs will offer a few more invitations than they have interviews, and you may be placed on a waiting list if the slots have filled.

Top 15 Residency Interviewing Tips

Thank you for publishing this article. I am surprised more interview candidates are not on this page commeting. Your tips are very practical and have given me a systematic way to approach my interviews. Thank you for your time and for being so generous in freely sharing your expertise. I believe that during the interview process we should strive to be the most prepared and uncomplicated version of ourselves.

2018-2019 Interview Schedules

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