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Patterns In Dissolved Organic Matter Lability And Consumption Pdf Across Aquatic Ecosystems

patterns in dissolved organic matter lability and consumption pdf across aquatic ecosystems

File Name: patterns in dissolved organic matter lability and consumption across aquatic
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Published: 25.04.2021

Impacts of Global Change on Ocean Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Cycling

Inputs of dissolved organic carbon DOC to lakes derived from the surrounding landscape can be stored, mineralized or passed to downstream ecosystems. The balance among these OC fates depends on a suite of physical, chemical, and biological processes within the lake, as well as the degree of recalcintrance of the allochthonous DOC load. The relative importance of these processes has not been well quantified due to the complex nature of lakes, as well as challenges in scaling DOC degradation experiments under controlled conditions to the whole lake scale. We used a coupled hydrodynamic-water quality model to simulate broad ranges in lake area and DOC, two characteristics important to processing allochthonous carbon through their influences on lake temperature, mixing depth and hydrology. For each lake, we tested several mineralization rates range: 0. We found that mineralization rates at the ecosystem scale were roughly half the values from laboratory experiments, due to relatively cool water temperatures and other lake-specific factors that influence water temperature and hydrologic residence time.

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We examined microbial assemblages from habitats fed by glacial meltwater within the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica and on the west Greenland Ice Sheet GrIS , evaluating potential physicochemical factors explaining trends in community structure. Microbial assemblages present in the different Antarctic dry valley habitats were dominated by Sphingobacteria and Flavobacteria , while Gammaproteobacteria and Sphingobacteria prevailed in west GrIS supraglacial environments. Community dissimilarities were strongly correlated with dissolved organic matter DOM quality. Microbial meltwater assemblages were most closely associated with different protein-like components of the DOM pool. Microbes in environments with mineral particles i.

Start Search. Search Results. Hits on this site 0 All results within Lund University The character and quantity of dissolved organic carbon DOC were studied in nine small boreal streams and adjacent soils during two years, with focus on the spring snowmelt period. The streams cover a forest-wetland gradient, spanning….

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Download Citation | Patterns in Dissolved Organic Matter Lability and Consumption across Aquatic Ecosystems | The purpose of this chapter is to explore cross-system patterns in Dissolved Request Full-text Paper PDF.

Non-conservative patterns of dissolved organic matter degradation when and where lake water mixes

Non-conservative patterns of dissolved organic matter degradation when and where lake water mixes

Collin P. E-mail: cward whoi.

Global change impacts on marine biogeochemistry will be partly mediated by heterotrophic bacteria. Besides ocean warming, future environmental changes have been suggested to affect the quantity and quality of organic matter available for bacterial growth. However, it is yet to be determined in what way warming and changing substrate conditions will impact marine heterotrophic bacteria activity.

Special issue: Interactions between planktonic organisms and biogeochemical Research article 15 Jan

The marine dissolved organic carbon DOC pool is an important player in the functioning of marine ecosystems. A unified outcome of the future impacts of these stressors on the global ocean DOC production and degradation is not possible, due to regional differences and differences in stressors impacts, but general patterns for each stressor are presented. Therefore, changes in DOC cycling due to global change, can result in alterations in the air-sea exchange of CO 2 , and have the potential to create important feedbacks onto global change itself. In the coming decades to centuries global change will impact the ocean biogeochemical cycles. Climate models have predicted global impacts on ocean biogeochemistry, but these are linked with large uncertainties and unknowns, depending on the model setups and constrained by the lack of data Bopp et al.


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    Bacteria play a key role in the planetary carbon cycle partly because they rapidly assimilate labile dissolved organic matter DOM in the ocean.

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    In this study, we experimentally investigated the degradation of dissolved organic matter DOM during lateral and vertical mixing of different water masses in a peri-alpine lake.

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    Patterns in Dissolved Organic Matter Lability and Consumption across Aquatic Ecosystems P. A. del Giorgio* and J. Davis t *D~partment des Sciences.

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