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One Belt One Road Initiative of China: Implication for Future of Global Development

This policy is designed to enhance connectivity and economic interaction between Asia, Europe and Africa. Progressing in three sections, the essay will begin with an analysis of the official international and domestic objectives of the policy. It will be shown that by incorporating the historically significant imagery of the Maritime Silk Route within its OBOR initiative, China is attempting to revive its maritime glory and reassert itself as a powerful middle kingdom that is central to global trade and international relations. It is stated that once complete, this comprehensive network of trade routes will stimulate trade an exports amongst Eurasian states, driving economic development in the region PwC 3. Beijing has said that it plans to invest Chinese economic and intellectual capital into the Eurasian region, in an effort to build infrastructure and production hubs that will benefit both China and the host nations Till 2. In addition to the economic benefits of the strategy, Beijing argues that OBOR will also have significant diplomatic windfalls.

In recent years, Nepal is a part of BRI. In this context, BRI is a key concern of Nepalese economy, trade and investment in the constraint of the geopolitical blocked for better connectivity beyond Neighbor Countries, India and China. This paper has a curiosity whether BRI will have better connectivity for great trade prospects and its positive implication to Nepal. This paper examines this research question with the secondary data base of foreign trade by employing Econometric Model based on Gravity Model and descriptive statistics. Based on the assumptions, BRI is a good opportunity for better connectivity, better regional integration and accessibility, better and fast transportation with minimum value addition and tremendous market access and size.

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One Belt One Road Initiative of China: Implication for Future of Global Development

The initiative was incorporated into the Constitution of the People's Republic of China in Some observers and skeptics, mainly from non-participant countries, including the United States , interpret it as a plan for a sinocentric international trade network. The initiative was unveiled by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping in September and October during visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia. The initiative was given intensive coverage by Chinese state media , and by had become often featured in the People's Daily. The stated objectives are "to construct a unified large market and make full use of both international and domestic markets, through cultural exchange and integration, to enhance mutual understanding and trust of member nations, resulting in an innovative pattern of capital inflows, talent pools , and technology databases. The initial focus has been infrastructure investment, education, construction materials, railway and highway, automobile, real estate, power grid, and iron and steel.

Belt and Road Initiative

This book represents a further deepening and extension of his theory. It is a highly valuable piece of literature. It evaluates what opportunities the OBOR can offer them in light of the constraints they face, paying particular attention to how security issues may keep some nations from fully participating.

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One Belt, One Road: a new framework for international relations?

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Mapping China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative

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