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Definition, Utility, and Importance of Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence deals with why the questions, rather than what the questions are. The why question involves asking whether intent should be a requirement? Or whether the death penalty is ever appropriate? Or not…. Jurisprudence in its nature is entirely a different subject from other social science. Jurisprudence is the study of the philosophy of law or the knowledge of the law and its applications. The reason for this is that it is not a system but a growing and systematic subject having no limitation on itself.

Jurisprudence can cover the law as a whole. As we know the law cannot be static it changes with the change in development in society. The definition of law is probably sufficient for today but it may be concise to a confined definition in the future.

This viewpoint has been put forward by Professor Robert Keeton. In the history of times, this subject allows us to a flexible approach to all sorts of legal questions provided with a deeper understanding of legal reasoning, legal systems, legal institutions, and the role of law in society though it has no limited scope being a growing subject.

But there is a difference of opinion about the nature of jurisprudence. It is called both art and science. But to call it the science of law would be more accurate. The reason for this is that just as in science we draw conclusions after making a systematic study by inventing new methods. It has a long history of evolution from the beginning from the classical Greek period to Modern times; it covers all sorts of legal principles of the world.

The British gradually introduced their well-developed system of law in India. Later, Sir John Austin, a legal Philosopher concerned himself mainly with the formal analysis of English law and its related concepts, which still continue the basic content of English Jurisprudence. Jurisprudence in a limited sense means the illustrations of general principles upon which the acted rules are based. It concerned with rules of external conduct.

The term Law is used in an abstract sense… it implies the discipline and profession concerned with the customs practice and rules of conduct of a community that recognized as binding by the community. Enforcement of the body of rules is through controlling human conduct. The law is treated in the number of articles in a number of different ways. Here it is not in the sense of legislation or statutes instead of in a sense of principles underlying such laws. The term Jurisprudence has meant different things at different times.

Austin was the first jurist to declare jurisprudence as a science. He believes that the appropriate subject to jurisprudence is a positive law i. However, the term Philosophy is misleading. In other words, It is not moral philosophy, but it is a scientific and systematic study of the existing, actual, and positive law that has distinguished from the natural, ideal, or moral law.

Cicero defines jurisprudence as the philosophical aspects and the knowledge of law. The Civil law consists of rules applied by Courts in the administration of Justice.

After this near 18 th Century Blackstone, an eminent jurist tries to study of the science of law but fail to discuss about justice. Allen defines Jurisprudence is the scientific synthesis of all the essential principles of law. Sethna has defined jurisprudence as the study of Fundamental Legal principles including philosophical, historical, and sociological basis, and analysis the legal concept.

Thus he adopts a synthetic approach to the study jurisprudence for he believes any knowledge is a synthetic whole and cannot be divided into watertight compartments. The scope of jurisprudence cannot be limited. It covers all the concepts of human order and human conduct. It extends to anything concerning the order in state and society. Justice P. It includes political, social, economic, and cultural ideas. It covers that study of man in relation to state and society.

It involves certain types of investigations into law, and investigation of an abstract, general, and theoretical nature which seeks to lay the bare essential principles of law and legal systems.

Science and critical approach to the study of jurisprudence was a consequence of the rejection of metaphysical considerations, the rise of positivism, the decline of Natural Law in the 18th Century, and the emergence of Bentham principles of hedonism viz. Auguste Compte is called the father of modern Positivism. He has confined his analysis to the observation of facts and completely rejected the hypothetical considerations in the study of jurisprudence and legal theory.

He emphasized the need to study jurisprudence on the observations and analysis of ascertainable facts. By which he meant examining man-made laws which have been actually laid down by men for men and distinct from the law as it ought to be.

Thus jurisprudence can be called science like any other social science. Jurisprudence explains the theoretical base and knowledge of the law.

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Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence

What is Jurisprudence 2. Function of Jurisprudence 3. Nature of Jurisprudence 4. Is Jurisprudence Art or Science 5. Scope of Jurisprudence 6. Utility and Importance of Jurisprudence 7. Jurisprudence in Daily Life.

The history of the concept of the law reveals that jurisprudence had its evolutionary beginning from the classical Greek period to 21st-century modern jurisprudence with numerous changes in its nature in various stages of its evolution. Jurisprudence is a concept to bring theory and life into focus. It deals with the fundamental principles on which rests the superstructure of law. In abstract jurisprudence is a subject whose knowledge is the basis and the foundation of the whole legal studies. Jurisprudence is a name given to a certain type of investigation into a law, where we are concerned to reflect on the nature of legal rules and on the underlying meaning of legal concepts and on the essential features of the legal system.

Conclusion-Thus, we can safely say that Jurisprudence is the study of fundamental legal of Jurisprudence-After reading all the above mentioned.

Meaning, Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence

The origin of the practice of studying law in the form of Jurisprudence started in Rome at the beginning. The term Jurisprudence has at different times been used in different senses; sometimes as synonyms of law; sometimes as a philosophy of law; and sometimes as the science of law. Thus, jurisprudence at that time was mixed up with theology.

This article is written by Arkodeep Gorai, who has given a brief overview of jurisprudence in the field of law. Jurisprudence helps a person to understand the deeper meaning of the law. Jurisprudence is an integral part of the law which is based on theories and various analysis.

Jurisprudence deals with why the questions, rather than what the questions are. The why question involves asking whether intent should be a requirement? Or whether the death penalty is ever appropriate? Or not….

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Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence

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Keeton- He considered Jurisprudence as the study and systematic arrangement of the general principles of law. According to him, Jurisprudence deals with the.

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Meaning Nature And Scope Of Jurisprudence

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