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Difference Between Public And Private Sector Banks Pdf

difference between public and private sector banks pdf

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Difference Between Public Sector and Private Sector Banks

The private sector is a key stakeholder in both urban and economic development, being a major contributor to national income and the principal job creator and employer. Further, it will undertake the majority of future development in urban areas Venables, 5. It is increasingly being encouraged to help leverage the opportunities, and mitigate the challenges, of rapid urbanisation see Topic Guides on State Business Relations, Sen ; and Inclusive Growth, Alexander, Interactive planning and decision-making processes are needed to support private sector participation in urban governance, and to co-ordinate this participation with municipalities. Pieterse comments that municipalities can strengthen urban governance in co-operation with the private sector by fostering partnerships and local economic development LED strategies that combine local skills, resources and ideas to stimulate the local economy, enabling it to respond innovatively to national and global economic changes. For example, effective LED strategies detail how the municipality will ibid.

When you reach out to any bank for opening a saving or current account , you will find that there are two types of banks viz public and private banks. Public sector bank offers a pension, but the private sector bank does not offer a pension. The public bank gives promotion based on seniority, whereas private bank gives promotion based on performance. Usually, the banks appear in the stock exchange. In cases where the banks experience financial constraints, the government tends to cover them up.

Difference Between Public Sector and Private Sector Banks (With Table)

Show all documents Assessment of Service Quality in Public and Private Sector Banks of India with Special Reference to Lucknow City changes such as deregulation of interest rates and dilution of consortium lending requirement. Moreover, banking has been opened up to the private sector. As a result, new private sector Banks have been set up, old private sector Banks have expanded their operations and more foreign sector banks have entered the Indian banking industry. This has promoted competition and has helped in increasing efficiency. The paper endeavors to determine customer satisfaction.

The private sector banks and the public sector banks are differentiated mainly on the basis of the persons who are holding its majority of the shares where in case of the private sector banks majority of shares are held by the private individuals and corporations whereas in case of the public sector banks, majority of shares are held by the government. The banking industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and offers some of the best opportunities to grow as a professional. However, the experience of working with a public sector bank could be totally different from a private sector bank in terms of work hours, level of competition and the professional learning curve. Job security and compensation can also be at a great deal of variance and it would be best to explore these aspects before making the ideal choice of the banking organization to build a successful career. Before we discuss it further, it would be important to consider what makes public and private banks so different from each other.

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difference between public and private sector banks pdf

What is the Difference Between Public Sector and Private Sector Banks

The Reserve Bank of India is the apex bank and the monetary authority, which regulates the banking system of the country. The commercial bank includes public sector banks, private sector bank, foreign bank, regional rural bank, local area banks, etc. Before , except eight banks SBI and seven associate banks , all the banks in India were private sector banks after which 14 commercial banks got nationalised in July and 6 in Further, in the year , Liberalisation policy is introduced, after which private banks came into the picture. Nowadays both the categories of banks are doing good in the sector by providing pronounced facilities and services to their customers.

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