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Zero First Second And Third Conditional Worksheet Pdf

zero first second and third conditional worksheet pdf

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Zero And First Conditional Exercises Pdf With Answers

Are you an English teacher? Please download this lesson to use in your English class. If you have any questions, or would like to add anything else, please contact me. If it rains, I stay home. The first example is done for you. If Roscoe is bored, he fishes.

The Conditional: Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed

The Zero Conditional. Zero conditionals are used to talk about facts, such as scientific facts, or when the result of the condition is always true.. If you heat ice, it melts. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test. Exercise 2 Study each situation and complete the sentence below. Decide whether to use a first or second conditional structure.

zero first second and third conditional worksheet pdf

(First conditional) If we don't work harder, we won't pass the exam. 2. (Third conditional) If the students hadn't been late for the exam, they would have passed​. 3.

Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: zero, first, second and third conditionals

In this exercise you will practise the zero , first , second and third conditionals.

third conditional exercises pdf

John works 12 hours a day. When the sun goes down, it gets dark. If I drink too much coffee, I can't sleep at night. We use the zero conditional to talk about things that are generally true, especially for laws and rules. Need more practice? Gochi Hand An exercise to practice zero, first and second conditionals.

Interactive Version - Here is a first vs. Interactive Version - This interactive conditionals worksheet can be used to help students review the zero, first, second and third conditionals. Interactive Version - In this mixed conditionals interactive worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to practice or review first, second and third conditionals.

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