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Medieval Technology And Social Change Pdf

medieval technology and social change pdf

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Technological change TC or technological development , is the overall process of invention , innovation and diffusion of technology or processes. In short, technological change is based on both better and more technology. In its earlier days, technological change was illustrated with the ' Linear Model of Innovation ', which has now been largely discarded to be replaced with a model of technological change that involves innovation at all stages of research, development, diffusion, and use.

Classical and Medieval Technology

Beaver Bronfman ; ext. In other words, we will be studying the social history of technology, a vast subject area, both in time, and in conceptual approaches. To geve us a path through this area, we will use a few "texts" to provide focus, continuity, and a point of departure for looking at the subject in different ways. For example, at a very basic level, one can approach the history of technology either as a study in the humanities, illuminating human nature, or as one in the social sciences, yielding causal relations and predictive power. In fact, we will want to try the social sciences viewpoint in considering technology assessment, but, at the same time, our focus on the "unexpected" consequences of technology will involve us in a study of human nature. In recent years historians of technology have stressed ideology, complexity, and system as important factors in the development of technology and in the characterization of its nature. They have also broadened their concerns to provide context from the point of view of the environment, of "consumers," and of women.

It has long been recognized that the last millennium B. It was also the period of the gradual but steady spread of ironworking into central Europe and beyond into western and northern Europe, as well as of the gradual and steady improvement of ironworking technology. Scholars have long sought to link the social and technological developments. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Medieval technology and social change

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Don't have an account? This chapter examines the importance of the physical and environmental factors that affect an individuals's actions by applying these to the comparative study of classical society versus the medieval West. It examines why classical society, with its indisputable intellectual superiority, achieved so little by way of technological innovation compared to the crude and illiterate peasants of medieval Europe. The chapter suggests that the slowness of technological progress of classical society should not be equated to, or even associated with, economic backwardness or poverty since there is very little information about living standards in classical times, and there is no evidence that they were lower than in the Middle Ages or in the early modern period in Europe either. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service.

Medieval technology

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Medieval technology and social change


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