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biw fixture design basics pdf

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Automotive welding fixture design First, the purpose of fixture design Do one thing, the clear purpose of doing things is very important, so-called pu. Arc Welding Design Gui Algorithms for Fixture

Youstudyyourprocess Youstartdesignbystudyproductionprocessofbodyinwhite BIW thisprocess providesvaluableinformationforthedesignphase. ThepurposeofstudyBIWprocessincludesthefollowing: Thespecialfocusonthestructureofabody BIW enablesyoutofindthelogicand flowofbodypanels,andtherelationshipsbetweenthem. Theanalyzingofbodyismadeupofseveralhundredsofstampedcomponents whicharejoinedtogetherbyspotweldingwithweldinggunforunderstandingof weldingpointsandallocatethemtoweldingoperations. Cycletimeis estimatingtherequiredworkingtimeforeachstation.

Catia v5_ Biw Welding Fixture Design

Automotive welding fixture design First, the purpose of fixture design Do one thing, the clear purpose of doing things is very important, so-called pu. Arc Welding Design Gui Algorithms for Fixture ICT fixture design. Case based reasoning m Computer aided fixture Development of an Inte Automotive welding fixture design First, the purpose of fixture design Do one thing, the clear purpose of doing things is very important, so-called purpose of this thing is that you do what you have to meet the final result, that is your goal!

That is the direction that you do things, there is a direction you do not lose, you try to do things the result will be perfect! Welding fixture design also has its purpose, only a clear purpose welding fixture design, in order to design a better fixture, then what is the purpose welding fixture design is it?

Simply means that to meet the production welding fixture requirements, then how can we satisfy the welding production demands?

To meet these positioning requirements in the design of the fixture when necessary in strict accordance with the manufacturer to provide location information to design drawings clamping fixture. That is what we call the fixture welding fixture, body parts mainly by spot welding Into one of the most important purpose of our fixture is designed to meet the requirements BIW welding parts, welding fixture as a designer should always deeply engraved in the minds of the welding of the word, how to weld, how to Better welding!

To meet this requirement on, you should consider the design to minimize the operating side welding clamp locators, try to locate one from another Side of the design, welding clamp operating side try to stay out of the welding space.

Try to pay attention to joints should be designed to meet two nearby positioning block with compact design, the positioning block design compacts the maximum extent possible to avoid welding tongs.

When the double -sided spot welding electrodes from both sides of the workpiece toWelded at the feeder. A typical spot welding method is the most common way, when both the electrodes on both sides of the indentation of the workpiece. A large welding area to make the lower electrode conductive plate, which can eliminate or reduce the indentation below the workpiece. Commonly used in the decorative side of the plate welding. Meanwhile spot welding spot welding of two or more, the use of a transformer in parallel to each of the electrodes, when the impedance of the current path must be all substantially equal, and the surface state of each of the welded parts, the material thickness, electrode force are subject to the same, in order to ensure consistent use of double-sided multiple transformer current through each solder joint multi-spot welding, to avoid shortage of c.

For single-sided spot welding, the welding electrodes from the same side of the workpiece feed, a typical single -sided spot welding, a single-sided spot welding, an electrode pad is not formed with large diameter and a large contact surface to reduce the current density.

No diversion of single -sided double spot welding, when the welding current flows through all the welding zone. There are single -sided double shunt little welding, the current flowing through the top of the workpiece without welding area, forming romantic.

To provide a low resistance welding current path, the workpiece underneath the copper plate. When the distance between the two solder joints l large, such as during the skeleton board member and complex welding, in order to avoid undue heating caused by complex board warpage and reduce the resistance between two electrodes, using a special copper bridges A, At the same time the electrode is pressed against the workpiece.

Usually use CO2. The gas is decomposed in the arc, and thus increase or decrease the fusion range. Features and Uses: The main advantage of the protection of MIG arc welding can be easily welded various locations, but also With a welding speed, deposition rate and so on.

Metal active gas shielded arc welding can be applied to most of the major metals, including carbon steel, alloy steel. The inert gas is usually argon gas Ar or helium He. Sometimes an inert gas mixed with a small amount of additional O2, CO2, or H2. Uses: metal inert gas welding for stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium and nickel alloys. With this welding Arc welding method may also be. Mainly by stud welding power source and torch components.

The basic principle of arc stu d welding stud is to be welded between the pilot arc to the workpiece when the stud and the workpiece is heated to an appropriate temperature, the external force, the stud into the weld pool on the workpiece to form a weld joint. Different welding process welding power source, the traditional arc stud welding can be divided into two general arc stud welding and capacitor discharge arc stud welding method in accordance with the basic Stud welding torch Stud welder Stud welding torch shape Is a process of manual stud welding stud welding gun by the operator manually with the stud welding workpieces together, and the detailed process is as follows: Prerequisite welding process welding dowel contact with the workpiece surface to solder circuit with the start command issued by generating an electrical short dowel and the workpiece.

After the initial power stability, linear motor the pin bolt gun away from the workpiece, initial current arc ignition under the programming curve. Initial current arc to ignite the main arc. After soldering dowel reached its backhaul height, the main welding current that is switched on, it will strengthen the arc, making dowel face and the workpiece surface melting.

Arc on the end face of the workpiece and dowel generate a bath process, linear motor commutation. Cotters by a controlled movement of the mechanical pressure into the bath. Stay in the linear motor according to a predetermined position on the rest time. Note: With the gun away from the weldi ng process dowel ends, after additional dowel can be re-welded.

Stud Welding insulation In order to avoid diversion stud welding time and get a better quality of welding, stud welding positioner manual usually insulated devices. Latter insulation effect is relatively not very ideal, reduces the insulation position, to install bring some convenience. General principles stud welding adjustments General principles and principles of stud welding positioning block adjustment and positioning pins, are to be adjusted in accordance with the cars, but may not have to follow this principle, in accordance with the relative coordinates of the stud in the p resence of the angle between the stud and cars Department to make adjustments to the height direction generally do not adjust.

Many types of projection welding, projection welding plates in addition, there are nuts, screw-type parts of the projection welding, projection welding wire cross, projection welding pipe and plate T-projection welding and so on. The plate thickness of the projection welding is the most suitable 0. Welding thinner plate bumps strict design requirements, the need With Excellent in the movable welding, the thickness of the plate member is less than 0. Changing or adjusting the corresponding fixture planning content.

The above three points are fundamental welding fixture design, fixture design is the ultimate goal! Second, positioning fixture design elements A positioning pin LOCATE PIN Locating pins are the most basic elements of fixture design, the normal body parts of a positioning pin hole by a circular pins and A diamond-shaped positioning pin components.

Legend and a general description of the positioning pins: Work surface Z for locating pins, positioning the work surface to do with the play position, the head is generally conical or circular type, mainly to the guiding role of the workpiece positioning holes to locate the pin end of the process is generally left corner When to eliminate stress, in the design of the positioning of the workpiece fixtureWorking surface of the workpiece positioning pins to exceed mm.

Use the form in accordance with the positioning pins are divided into the following types, were to be set forth below! Mark With each other between the 1 and 3, is to prevent rotation of the positioning pin. After installing the mark between 2 and 4 pin leaving a distance of 15mm mounting nut tightened. Retractable pins used in the following cases. The following figure shows the positioning pins pickup and put the pieces by the force diagram when. General positioning of the workpiece can be positioned holes directly from below, from above can be positioned either side of the workpiece positioning, or in order to avoid welding clamp and swing the retractable pin to pin.

One way, pin directly to swing into place, turn on automatically when you open the design should pay attention to the positioning pin Face in a straight line with the pivot point. Second way, pin manually swing positioning of the workpiece in place, the design should pay attention to the positioning pin Face in a straight line with the pivot point. Relationship between the position and the point of rotation of the robot member station of the pivot pin between the pivot pin Considerations: Pivot pin of the main problems is the design of the positioning pin when the workpiece is opened and interference, referred to herein and in the main interference Specified bit pin pin pin hole between the surface and the thickness of the workpiece interference.

One of the reasons is that the presence of the interference plane selection and positioning pin holes where the pivot point is not caused by one plane.

The second reason is rotated from the point and the pin hole too close, the closer, the greater the positioning pins central angle away from the workpiece circular trajectory. So it is easy to interfere. Common sense: pivot pin design must stop block, and only blocks away and the locating pin and pivot point and the pivot point between The proportion of the distance should not be too small.

Generally less than equal to one-third. JianRecommendation: add a set of connection block, this adjustment on the block at the appropriate connection. In this connection blocks plus the adjustment applied to adjust the block at Another case of the existence of this problem are: direct and dual-oriented cylinder, open the cylinder spending, flowering telescopic adjustment cylinder pins and more!

Designers want to pay attention in the design! Because of its parts to avoid defects caused unnecessary adjustments. We locating pins protruding in the design of the effective length of the workpiece is generally mm, but in fact we will find that we actually Fixture made after the extended length of the workpiece often do not put this value.

Why is this? This problem is mainly depend, for how long the length of the long hole, the number of adjustable volume can meet, if more than 5mm of each long hole, the long hole can not be considered to adjust the orientation of the design, if there is no need to increase the long hole direction adjustment, resulting in the need to adjust the size of the adjustment function mainly caused by the scene.

Briquet ting Giv e n Bit Positioning block briquetting design should first meetPositioning requirements, And secondly to meetWelding requirementsShould meet againClamping force requirements The so-called positioning requirements that can not play the role of a good location, can not fully meet the requirements of the basic positioning of the workpiece clamping, RPS, ASP, etc.

The so-called compact welding requirement is positioning block design can well avoid the gun, is not to avoid, or just to avoid, or hasMaximum to avoid The so-called compaction force requirement is compact workpiece clamping force can not achieve the required clamping force requirements kg, Is a small Yu,Equal, Or greater than Good design should be the anchor points more than the most basic of locating and clamping points, the greatest degree of avoiding gun, pressing force in the range of kg How briquetting 1 positioning block design to avoid gun?

When positioning block and briquetting not interfere with the torch positioning blocks and clamps should be a basic type, so ease of processing, when the positioning block and briquetting with gun close to be considered from multiple directions and multiple perspectives positioning block and briquetting design and make the greatest possible avoid torch.

Stress analysis diagram is shown between the workpiece and the cylinder. The output torque of the cylinder Q, F1 for workpiece clamping force, F2 for friction workpiece. So fromMechanical angle Analysis, in order that a sufficient pressing force of the clamps, the distance D2 is smaller the better.

The pressure in the different planes of the fixture rotation point, because we want to make two briquetting theoretically produce the same pressure, so we should abide by the principle that allows each clamping point and the rotation point of connection equal to the angle of the workpiece, so each designed theoretical value is equal to the pressure briquetting see photo. Of course, the premise of this design is to meet the welding requirements, if a principle, and this conflict, you can choose it as a pivot point in its vicinity, the greatest degree of satisfaction choose the point of rotation.

This is aApproximateSelect Method to foreigners in AUDIX88 project BMW as shown below: Both sides of the pivot point can be selected in a straight line Adjust the positioning block 3 Adjustment principle, positioning block in strict accordance cars coordinates to adjust, easy on-site testing and commissioning, briquetting press as much as possible According cars coordinates to adjust!

Adjust the direction of the positioning block briquetting cars generally adjust a single direction, detailed as follows: ZTo Y To The above is the general positioning block briquetting adjustment, but the design process often there will be a positioning block positioning in both directions, or positioning surface is beveled case, then the adjustment will not be able to adjust the positioning block only a single direction, and Is to adjust both directions or three directions, locate the block in both directions need to adjust the positioning block positioning when the face angle with cars than 7 degrees!

Angular positioning block itself Positioning block positioning two plane Third, the general skills fixture design 1. Fixture design how to make better use of the cylinder stroke In fixture design, we often use to directly promote the cylinder piston rod cylinder case, in our publicSecretary of standard can be seen in some Japanese clamping cylinder using a standard, listed a series of parameters values cylinder stroke of the piston stroke is generally moving, so the cylinder stroke in certain limited circumstances , then how more efficient use of the cylinder stroke it?

Why choose standard as parameters? Here we look at from the principle of analysis: First, from the perspective of the purpose of using the cylinder is nothing more than two things: 1. Linear motion of the piston into the cylinder rod of circular motion.

The following main points made above described before: 1 cylinder of the linear motion of the piston into the cylinder rod of circular motion. Theoretically this is the principle of X in the above formula should be understood that the actual use of a cylinder stroke, the cylinder is generally used to set aside some margin during use, in order to account for wear of the positioning block and the cylinder itself by better the forces and parts after machining and assembling loss caused by the cylinder stroke.

Puppet welding cylinder margin is usually 10mm amount of wear electrode cap , and a number of other structures travel allowance also somewhat different. According to the actual situation. In addition, from the perspective of the swing cylinder itself, in which case the trajectory of the cylinder itself, the magnitude of the smallest movement of the cylinder itself, which also satisfies the first two, to avoid damage to the cylinder itself.

How to make good use of these cylinders Travel in fixture design is the most common situation, certainly not saying that we must abide by this principle, there are many cases that can break this principle, when the spatial structure is restricted, when this situation interfere with the welding tongs when so, we can make flexible use of.

Our premise is to use this principle in order to better service for our fixture design. Was first painted positioning block is good? Or first draw cylinder bearing good? Still First put the cylinder good?

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Post a Comment. Jigs and Fixtures improve productivity of process, equipment and operators. Basic Principles of Jig and Fixture Design 1. Reduction of handling time: Method of location and clamping should be such as to reduce handling time to minimum. Rigidity: The jigs and fixtures have to be rigid.

biw fixture design basics pdf

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If you want to design biw welding fixture you need to know about jigs and fixtures and design them, then you can create a biw welding fixture. The site describes the process to help you do everything correctly the first. The whole process is divided into two sections: Jig and fixture design Biw welding fixture design. A fixture is a device for locating, holding and supporting a work piece during a manufacturing operation. Jigs are similar to fixtures, but they not only locate and hold the part but also guide the cutting tools in drilling and boring operations.

This highly useful book for Design and Production engineers provides:. The book also contains. Jigs and Fixtures is an indispensable reference for design and production engineers on the shop floor.

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